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10279Re: [SCA Newcomers] Garb Question

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  • Sara L Uckelman
    Jun 7, 2007
      Quoth "Billy Miller":
      > the tunic, but the neck at this point is just a raw cut. Anyone got any
      > good advice about what should be done with the neck? Weblinks are always
      > appreciated!

      This is how I usually finish necks:

      Cut a square of fabric which is larger than the neck hole, and cut a circle
      in the square which is the same size and shape as the neck hole. Pin the
      square to the *outside* of the tunic so that the holes line up. Sew around
      the circle fairly close to the edge. Then, turn the square flap into
      the inside of the tunic; iron it in place and, if you want, top stitch,
      embroider, or sew some trim around the neckline so that the flap doesn't
      flip back to the outside of the tunic.

      This method works also with necks where you've got both a circular hole
      for the neck + a slit down the front, just make the slit in your square
      of fabric as well.

      Hope this explanation makes sense!


      vita sine literis mors est
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