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New Year's Revolutions (Was: Tree hugger)

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  • Kevin Wickart
    Okay, to sum up: John posted an off-topic anecdote accidentally. Let s say it together: Accidentally . He has apologized for doing so. Nuff said. Let s end
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 2, 2007
      Okay, to sum up:

      John posted an off-topic anecdote accidentally. Let's say it together:
      "Accidentally". He has apologized for doing so. 'Nuff said.

      Let's end the continued off-topic postings and get back to rocketry.

      Personally, I'm still wrangling over what to build for the NARAM-49 C
      Scale Altitude event. Having been out of the competitive loop for two
      years, my skills are a bit rusty and my eyesight even more so. I can
      still build a mean scale model, but visually following one to Elysian
      altitudes may be more of a challenge than my aging peepers are up to.

      I have some ideas, naturally. But several of them rely on my ability to
      come up with some lightweight and reliable means of igniting a
      third-stage motor without the use of a booster motor in the second
      stage. I've tried various methods before...they didn't work.

      Truth be told, I'm looking very forward to building Yet Another Scale

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