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Re: [Scale Central] BIG Changes Coming To Groups

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  • ifd29buff@aol.com
    Phil, they re just like the original used to be. However Yahoo has decided (After lots and loys of negative feedback) to not change things as they had
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 1, 2010
      Phil, they're just like the original used to be. However Yahoo has decided (After lots and loys of negative feedback) to not change things as they had originally planned to do, and therefore have decided to pretty much keep things the way they are now. SO, with that being said, I'm not going to have to be moving any my groups the google. This isn't one of the groups that was going to be moving anyway, so no need to worry there anyone.
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      I have never heard of Googlegroups.  How do they compare to Yahoogroups? 
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      I will be moving a couple of my groups to Googlegroups in the next few weeks. If anyone has anything in the files sections that they want, you better grab them now before they're gone.
      Dear Moderators:

      Chances are by now you have read our blog post on August 13th:


      Your continuous feedback and support is vital to our success and that is why we
      are letting you know before anyone else the details of the exciting upcoming

      Starting today in the US, we're introducing new features and product updates to
      Yahoo! Groups. These changes will arrive in phases and will help you
      communicate and manage your groups more effectively.

      Here's a quick snapshot of what to expect:

      •One place to do it all: Stay up-to-date and never a miss a beat with the new
      homepage. Click here to have a sneek peak: http://bit.ly/a1NLpH

      •Simplified posting: Easily post messages and photos to your group.
      Click here to have a sneak peek: http://bit.ly/a1NLpH

      •Keep up with the conversation: Read and respond to entire conversations
      effortlessly. Click here to have a sneak peek: http://bit.ly/cIOzvO

      •Intuitive, faster photo sharing: Share, upload, and view tons of photos in a
      snap.Click here to have a sneak peek: http://bit.ly/amK52h

      •Instantly get in touch: Chat with fellow group members without leaving your
      group. (18 and older only)
      Click here to have a sneak peek: http://bit.ly/bfJkXW

      And this is just the beginning of additional enhancements to come. Initially
      features such as Polls, Files and Links will remain the same, but we'll be
      improving them too, and adding new things along the way. Think of Yahoo! Groups
      as your improved home, and discover the beauty of each room as we renovate and
      add in modern accents. Stay tuned to the blog for news on all the upcoming
      changes. And please share your feedback on our Suggestion Board and the blog. As
      Group owners and moderators, your support is especially important to this

      We hope you are as excited as we are about these upgrades that will allow Yahoo!
      Groups to continue to be the best place for your communities to live – and
      thrive – online.

      Layla & The Yahoo! Groups Team

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