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First Big Discussion

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  • scalecentral
    ince we have a few new members, what do you build in particular like police vehicles in 1/24 scale or say fire apparatus in 1/32. I m just curious. I build
    Message 1 of 5348 , Apr 19 8:45 PM
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    • peteong
      To set the record straight before any confusion... 10-8 Hobbies ESU body is__NOT__Fred s Custom Models ESU body. Rob, 10-8 s owner, made__his own__custom and
      Message 5348 of 5348 , Sep 1, 2002
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        To set the record straight before any confusion...

        10-8 Hobbies' ESU body is__NOT__Fred's Custom Models' ESU body.

        Rob, 10-8's owner, made__his own__custom and accurate ESU body (not a
        FCM recast, addition, or modification). 10-8's is (of course) newer
        than Fred's.

        So remember, FCM's and 10-8's ESU bodies are two separate bodies, not
        the same one or an alteration of FCM's.

        I forgot to mention this important fact.
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