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16040RE: [Scale Central] Brush trucks

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  • Brandon VanNess
    Dec 16, 2013
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      I'll keep an eye out for some toys to use.  I have seen the newer F-150s and Dodge Ram 1500s in the toy section, but they would take a lot of work to get anywhere near where I would like them to be for these brush trucks.  I do have two diecast Ford F-250 club cabs that I could convert, but I already have other plans for these kits.  I would like to see Revell, Round 2, or Moebius make a new Ford, Dodge, or Chevrolet pickup kit, but that's a lot of wishful thinking.


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      Brandon, I don't know if anyone makes a 2012 Ford F350 - or any recent Ford for that matter in resin.  Monogram did an early 90's version with the Crew Cab with dual rear wheels, and an F250 with extended cab.  AMT did a '97 Flareside pickup as well.  I am sure they can be found on eBay, but they would not be real current.  

      I saw on www.policecarmodels.com where they have some late model Chevys, but no Fords - and those would be either a Suburban or Tahoe and may be metal.  I don't know too much about those manufacturers that they had listed.  Another possibility would be browse the toy section at Wal-Mart or even in Toys-R-Us and see if any "toy" could be detailed to your satisfaction.


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