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16038Brush trucks

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  • Brandon VanNess
    Dec 15, 2013
    I had some time this weekend to work on my brush trucks, until I ran out
    of Plastruct E-4 90 deg elbows when I went to start the plumbing. I
    think it is time to move onto the chassis work...

    Here's a little history on this build. Three of the VFD's near my
    hometown have purchased Weis Fire Safety quick attack brush trucks in
    the past few years (www.weisfiresafety.com). Two of these trucks are
    regular cab Ford F-350s that each a flatbed with firefighter cross walk,
    300 gallon water tank and Hale HPX-200 pump. Very interesting rigs.

    Now, I've been looking for a resin regular cab Ford F-350, but haven't
    found one yet. Diecast kits, such as the Maisto or Matchbox kits, are
    out since I want this to be an all resin/plastic build for a contest in
    my hometown. Oh well, I'll be using Revell '99 Silverados as a base for
    the trucks, one regular cab, the other extended with 4x4 components from
    the Escalade kits and solid axle wheels from the AMT Chevy 3500 dually

    The beds are designed for 60" cab-to-axle trucks, which the Dodge 3500
    in the picture is not. Currently, I have the tailboard, side
    compartments, water tanks, and hose reels finished and awaiting warmer
    weather for some painting. I have the compartment doors ready for the
    compartments, but those will be painted to match the cabs so I'm keeping
    them separate for now. The tailboard is a little high, but that's what
    I get for basing those measurements off of pictures.

    The focus around the tailboards is the pump, the Hale HPX-200 uses a
    Briggs and Stratton 18 HP V-twin engine. I had originally planned to
    use the engine motor out of the MPC turbine car/lawn mower engine, but
    that was a single. So, made a quick mold and got some extra parts, then
    made my own V-twin engine, which I then molded and shot some copies.
    Other than the fact that I need to work on my painting skills, I think
    they turned out nicely.

    I still have a long way to go, including making the 55" lightbars,
    modifying the Trumpeter scene lights, making the crosslay boxes, the
    crosswalk doors, and run all of the plumbing; that's just to finish off
    the beds. Then comes the cab/chassis work, including the front bumper
    with water turret, and the interior details. Oh well, it is going to be
    a long winter after all.

    More later. Brandon
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