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RE: [sca_recipes] Your redactions

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  • Lisa/Esa
    Ok, got some questions: 1) Would we use milk, cream, or half-and-half? 2) What other good herbs would you suggest? 3) Where do you get hyssop and
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 2, 2004

      Ok, got some questions:


      1)     Would we use milk, cream, or half-and-half?


      2)     What other “good herbs” would you suggest?


      3)     Where do you get hyssop and pine nuts?


      4)     Do you think you could use a rotisserie (sp?) chicken, or pre-cooked boneless grilled chicken, or other step-saving measures?


      5)     Is this supposed to be a sauce or a stew?


      6)     Could you cook it in a crock pot?


      Yes, I know that I’m taking modern ideas and applying them to medieval cooking methods. Is this sacrilege?

      These are just general questions.




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      OK, I'll give it a try:

      Douce Iame
      Put milk in a pot. Chop parsley, sage, hyssop and savory and other good herbs. Add herbs to milk and bring to a boil. Add half roasted capons cut in pieces. Add pine nuts and clarified honey. Salt to taste and color with saffron. Serve.

      Probably what is implied and not stated is that all of this needs to cook for a long time over low heat to reduce the sauce and braise the capons.

      how'd I do?

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