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Re: [sca_moneyer] Digest Number 55

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  • rmhowe
    Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 17:54:38 -0000 ... Of course. Even if you are the automated list comedian. :) Thumbsmashers being a particularly apropos term. One of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2000
      Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 17:54:38 -0000
      > From: emrik@...
      > Subject: Was I missed?
      > Greetings Thumbsmashers,
      > Well I made thru the fire/wind/broken van/work/computer
      > meltdown,just for all you folks.
      > Everone ready to get back to the contest and the back to basics
      > section.I do believe that we are way behind.
      > Look for my post later today for all the good stuff.
      > Emmerich

      Of course. Even if you are the automated list comedian. :)

      Thumbsmashers being a particularly apropos term.
      One of the local Dukes was about to go up for his "how many fingers
      have I got" term. So he decided that he and two other guys would make
      coins just for his newer term.

      Somebody wasn't paying attention. He certainly wasn't.
      And he lost part of a finger between the dies. He's getting crowned
      again soon and I don't think he's done THAT since.

      I recently had some guys come over who wanted to make a bunch of
      which were used for a tavern gaming, site fees, tips, dinner purchase
      by item event. One of the traditions for this thing is that a few of
      the guys dress up in drag to act as serving wenches.

      One of the local Music Laurels dressed up as Gigi this year, wearing
      his wife's dress and looked extremely convincing. Really rattled a
      bunch of us males. It appeared he'd developed real breasts. Must have
      been a corset. Then again he's apparently worn it to Chapel Hill on
      Halloween so who knows. Rod Steiger perhaps? Chapel Hill should be the
      State Zoo - not Asheboro. I suppose they based their criteria on lack
      of parking and not the cost of the fence.

      Check out number 30.jpg That's him on the left. His wife on the

      (I and my wife, local icons apparently, are 32-5.
      I'm OL, she's Ct. Baroness. Not my best photo. I'm reclined in
      an office chair we drag around for the fibromyalgia.)

      The cook insisted on being flogged, and of course everyone else
      the herald be flogged. Book Heralds should always be flogged.

      I ground up a bunch of masonry nails for assorted shaped punches for
      them and they reviewed both my list notes and your booklet I'd bought.

      However, they couldn't afford/wait for the planchets from Hagstoz
      and they wound up cutting out hundreds of them by hand.

      I've since bought some circular punches as you suggested.
      I already have a rolling mill and a couple of plastic cutting boards.
      I also have some sleeves I've picked up over the years, sadly lacking
      the half inch, but I know what to look for.

      One of the locals had a heavy sleeve made at his work for the half
      dies to slide in. They'd cut them / I'd polished them for them.
      They ended up using a steel block under the hardy hole in their anvil
      beneath the lower die which passed thru the hardy hole, the sleeve
      over the lower die with enough room for their blank and upper die
      still in it and a small hammer. Not too bad for a first attempt
      and a cobbled together mess. Some of them came out fairly nice.

      Magnus, Raleigh, NCSU alumnus/retiree
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