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Re: news about onelist, important

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  • Rev. Mike Martin
    This kinda pisses me off, my family filter was on. Here s how to turn it off (if you so desire)Hrothgar - From: Kirsten Houseknecht
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2000
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      This kinda pisses me off, my "family filter" was on. Here's how to turn
      it off (if you so desire)

      > From: Kirsten Houseknecht <kirsten@...>
      > Subject: [Norsefolk] news about onelist, important
      > Date: Saturday, March 25, 2000 8:52 AM
      > Onelist has added a new feature, and didnt tell anyone!
      > they have added a "family filter"
      > not a problem, except the default is "ON" and they didnt tell anyone!
      > this has been slowing down mail, and preventing some mail from getting
      > through!
      > (forwarded from shadoerose)
      > go to www.onelist.com
      > Once you are logged on make sure you are on the home page. You should
      > see a
      > section that says join a group and has a search engine for the site. Right
      > above the
      > search engine you will see a text line that will say Family Filter On or
      > Family
      > Filter Off. Most likely will say Family Filter On as so far everybody's
      > has. Click
      > on the text line it will take you to a page with the following:
      > O Family Filter On
      > If the circle is marked click on it and then press done. This will turn the
      > Family
      > Filter Off and you will receive all your emails without intervention from
      > Onelist.
      > and now my two cents........
      > EVERYONE write and complain, and forward this to every group you are on!
      > i dont mind that they have a filter, i mind them not telling me that they
      > turned it ON
      > i checked and mine was on too.. and i dont even know what i missed!
      > Kirsten
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