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Re: [SCA_Brew] Helena's Rhythm and Brews Fest

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  • Andrea Giddings
    Wow! Sounds like such fun......living way up here in Lions gate, (Principality of the North), (Vancouver, Canada) has it s drawbacks! I d love to go, but since
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 1, 2001

      Wow! Sounds like such fun......living way up here in Lions gate, (Principality of the North), (Vancouver, Canada) has it's drawbacks! I'd love to go, but since I can't, would someone who goes please post how much fun it was so I can live vicariously? Thanks!


        NATHAN T Moore <sca_brew@...> wrote:

      Greeting Brewers of the Known World,

      Announcing! Helena's Tavern Rhythm and Brews Fest, hosted by the fellowship of the Stumble Inn & the Lost Souls at the sixth Silver Pass Tourney in the Shire of Rio de Las Animas Perdidas, Kingdom of the Outlands (Durango, CO). The Silver Pass Tourney (Durango, CO) will be held on Labor Day weekend, 2001 This occasion will celebrate the artistry of the brewers of the Outlands and the Known World. The event will include a brewing competition for Beer/Ale and Mead/Wine.

      In addition to the judged brewing competition, plan on attending Helena's Rhythm and Brews Fest revel at Helena's Tavern. The Fest will include a drumming competition, dancing, and plenty of fire for light and warmth. Best of all, this will be a true celebration of the art of brewing. So start your fermenters and raid your closets to bring examples of your art to share with fellow brewers and the population at this grandest of parties. All brewers are encouraged to bring examples of their craft, regardless of if they entered the competition. Bring as little or as much and as many different beverages as you like. A few bottles of mead or a six pack of ale will go a long way, but more bottles or a corny keg will go even further. Liqueurs and cordials are also welcome. This is our chance to introduce the populace to how truly wonderful and varied home brewed beverages can be. In addition to the simple joy of sharing our art, the Stumble Inn will be awarding the brewer of the beverage that gives the populace the most joy with title of "Defender of the Public Drunkenness", which will be worn with pride (and much bragging).

      Brewers, this is your chance to show the population your skills and spread the wonders of brewing to others. I strongly encourage all brewers who can make it to the Silver Pass Tourney to participate. Also, take this chance to teach your craft to another so they too can join in. If you have any question or just want to discuss your entry or documentation, please contact Nathi O'Peatain at sca_brew@.... Further information on the Silver Pass Tourney is available here:


      To see the competition rules go here:


      For documentation advice, go here(documentation can be minor, but helps with the judging and can improve your score):


      I'll see you at Silver Pass Tourney and Helena's Rhythm and Brews Fest.


      Lord Nathi O'Peatain

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