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Brewing -U this weekend in the EK at the Shire of Frosted Hills

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  • Vince
    I apologize for intruding but I thought others might be interested: East Kingdom Brewing Collegium & Novice Schola - PLEASE NOTE - the current weather forecast
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2013
      I apologize for intruding but I thought others might be interested:

      East Kingdom Brewing Collegium & Novice Schola -

      PLEASE NOTE - the current weather forecast is for a chance of rain
      - Bring appropriate dress if you plan on enjoying the spectacular view from the porch
      or the walking trails in the woods.

      ALSO - The current listing for the brewing classes has had a recent change - the 4:30 slot

      10:30 Brewing with Egil
      11:30 Documentation: How to get started

      12:30-1:30 Break to grab lunch?

      1:30 Melomel 201: Fruit in mead, A Discussion and Sampling
      2:30 Tasting and how to Judge EK Brewing Competitions
      3:30 Hops 101 Intro to How Easy it is to grow Hops in the Garden
      4:30 Period Brewing - Bouche (and others) and a discussion on research Talks (CHANGE)
      5:30 Redaction of Two Period recipes from Digby.
      This is class Interactive and everyone will be participating.

      6:30 - Feast is scheduled to start -

      There will be paneling of brewers all during the day and a "guild meeting at some point
      - to be determined by the Guild Leaders (although some of the guild business may move to Friday evening and early Sunday morning), as could the potential paneling's as might be needed.

      Day board will start at 10:30 and remain open till about an hour before feast; so things can be cleaned and cleared up - and fest given its proper place and time.

      The Novice Class line is presently laid out as :

      10-11- Intro to the SCA
      11:00-12:00 heraldry for newcomers

      1:30-2:30 Being a Pirate
      2:30-3:30 Erlan's Krafty Korner
      3:30-4:30 Beginning Brewing in the SCA
      4:30-5:00 Intro to the SCA

      Weather and participants permitting - the Heavy list will run from about 11 till when ever it takes to give anyone that wants - a chance to pound on some friends......

      For those who have not been to this site before - there is a nice long hall lined with windows going back to the showers, should folks wish to vend wares, as well as a loft by the bunk rooms or down in the main lodge or if the weather stays -hell the walk around porch has pick nick tables - so we can move things to accommodate folks looking to merchant

      Lots of possibilities.....

      Still 6 places available for Feast - but more space is available for day boarding folks or those who wish to dine out on the local economy but spend the weekend.

      Reminder - Friday night is pot luck -

      Day board on Saturday is being managed and provided by the de Londres household

      - Pea Soup
      - Meat balls in beef gravy
      - Ham slices
      - Pickled Beans and Asparagus
      - Mustard Pickled Eggs
      - Raspberry vinaigrette pickled Eggs
      - Hard Boiled Eggs
      - Pickled Onions
      - Fresh Fruit - grapes, apples oranges
      - Hard Cheeses
      - Hummis
      - Honey Butter
      - Fresh Bread and Crackers
      - APPLE PIES

      ____ Beverages will be: Strawberry and Ginger mint Sekanjabin
      Lingenberry drink
      Lemon Water
      Fresh Brewed Tea
      Fresh Brewed Coffee
      Bottled Water

      Saturday Morning Baron Sean (FORMER EK BREWERS GULD MASTER) is doing a pancake Breakfast - WITHOUT DISTURBING THE KITCHEN - Right!

      Sunday Morning is French Toast being provided by my own wife Aurora

      event announcement can be found at : http://eastkingdom.org/EventDetails.html?eid=2427

      Or find us on facebook under Frosted Hills if your willing -https://www.facebook.com/events/578421502171898/

      Directions are also available at the Park Web site

      Thank you


      Seneschal for the Shire of Frosted Hills
      and apprentice to Baron Sean de Londres
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