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Period Beverage Competition

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  • bob_schlain
    Beverage Competition Saturday June 07, 2008 at Field of Acorns and Pearls II (Barony Beyond the Mountain; East Kingdom) A Period Beverage competition will be
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      Beverage Competition Saturday June 07, 2008 at Field of Acorns and Pearls II (Barony Beyond the Mountain; East Kingdom )


      A Period Beverage competition will be held on Saturday afternoon.  All period beverages are eligible subject to the laws of the state of Connecticut and the rules of the competition.  For the sake of clarity, this competition is for BOTH fermented and non-alcoholic beverages.  It is anticipated that beverages will be of two general categories: those consumed with a meal and those consumed for their own sake, the latter being identified as "specialty beverages."  Competitors will provide: a reasonable quantity of their beverage for tasting by multiple judges (the suggested minimum is 1 pint), documentation of the beverage, and the procedure and ingredients for the beverage.  Documentation of the entered beverage to period is required for entry.  Beverages that do not have documentation to period may be assessed separately at the discretion of the judges if time permits, but will not be scored for competition.  Please note that documentation and process are not the same.  Scoring will be based on documentation, workmanship, authenticity, and difficulty/scope of the entry.  The organizers anticipate beverages of grain, fruit, and honey content will be submitted.  Entrants planning to submit specialty beverages should contact the organizers well prior to the competition to ensure that qualified judges will be available.


      Questions about this competition, offers to judge, and inquires about specialty beverages should be sent to bbm.brewing@... .  Please check back as further details and rules will follow.




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