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Re: IKBG at Pennsic

If anyone is going to Pennsic 2017 and wants to inter IKBG, the commpetition is on Sunday, not Moday like it says in the book. Spread the word.
Jul 13

Re: Historical Brewing Roundtable at Pennsic

too many 'I won't' or 'I can't' so let's try something else: I plan to be there! Great initiative. Now, If I can just acquire the gift of ubiquity in the next
Aug 2, 2016

Re: Historical Brewing Roundtable at Pennsic

... Hmm... hadn't considered taking notes. Something to think about. If nothing else, BUG ME after War (next two weeks) and I'll post my recap from memory.
Aug 2, 2016

Fwd: Historical Brewing Roundtable at Pennsic

... Subject: Re: FILE - Hello Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2016 13:15:02 -0400 From: Broom iambroom@... [sca_brew] Reply-To:
Scott Mills
Aug 1, 2016

Re: Historical Brewing Roundtable at Pennsic

Oh you suck. I couldn't be there this year, as we went to 50th and limit ourselves to not more than one 4000 mile trip a year. I hope you guys have a great
Aug 1, 2016

Re: Historical Brewing Roundtable at Pennsic

Looking forward to this. Have a metheglin recipe from in period that's been vexing me. Zillah Sent from my iPhone
Freddie King
Aug 1, 2016

Re: Historical Brewing Roundtable at Pennsic

I won't make it, but I would like a recap from the meeting :) ~|~ Octavian Dum ~|~ Portland Domain Coordinator http://tinyurl.com/US2013020020 白銀 虎月 On
Aug 1, 2016

Re: Historical Brewing Roundtable at Pennsic

I hope we can look forward to your wares next year, then! Have fun, O Royal Yeast-Driver! ;) ' | Broom IAmBroom @ gmail . com ' | cellphone:
Aug 1, 2016

Re: Historical Brewing Roundtable at Pennsic

I really wish I could bring my bochet to this round table, but I am the current Royal Brewer of Atlantia and will have to be at court as well as serving
Carl Swan
Aug 1, 2016

Historical Brewing Roundtable at Pennsic

(OK, I *THOUGHT* I had sent this info out, but at this late date I discover I never did. My incredible planning skills amaze even me.) In A&S 4 on Wed Aug 10
Aug 1, 2016

[ARTICLE] from "American Mead Makers Association"

HIEx Baron Francesco
Apr 15, 2016

Re: IKBG at Pennsic

As you pack for Pennsic, please pack a glass if you plan to participate in IKBG Competition, weather with a brew or as a judge. I usually bring glasses, but I
Jul 17, 2015

IKBG at Pennsic

Inter-Kingdom Brewers Guild Competition will be Sunday, August 2 at 3.00pm in AS 11 and 12 (one will be the round table/entrants reception area). Bring your
Jul 10, 2015

Re: File/ Updated

Lady Argenteilin filia Elffin, I would just like to take a moment to say thank you so much for stepping up to this job and I, for one, very much appreciate the
Tristan Workman
Jan 11, 2015

File/ Updated

Thank you all of you who have contacted me about the file I uploaded. I have deleted all the LAW info, as every state has different laws and regulations to
Jan 11, 2015
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