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  • I have not been able to find what one of these looked like other than on the model shown, however, I think it's probably just a rectangle with some sort of ties. I've achieved a similar effect with a really big furoshiki tucked into my obi. Saionji no Hana, OL West Kingdom
    wodeford@... Mar 23
  • This one, perhaps? http://www.amazon.com/Rodriguess-Account-Sixteenth-Century-Hakluyt/dp/0904180735/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1424035531&sr=1-4&keywords=rodrigues+japan I'd have to go look for my copy. Saionji no Hana
    wodeford@... Feb 15
  • "Asian Games: The Art of Contest" lumps it in with other mono-awase games from the Heian period and describes kai-ooi simply as the matching of pieces of bivalve (most usually clam) shells. It says one of the earliest references is in a poem and head note of a composition by Saigyo (1118-1190) describing "an encounter with a group of maidens at the famous site of Futami no Ura...
    wodeford@... Feb 15
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  • Post a date when you know it! If budget and timing permit, it would be a great excuse to come up and visit! Saionji no Hana, OL, West
    wodeford@... Jan 22
  • Revisions have been made. Feel free to pass this link on to any scribes you know: Japanese Art Resources for the S Japanese Art Resources for the S Japanese Art Resources for the SCA Scribe View on www.wodefordhall.com Preview by Yahoo Saionji no Hana
    wodeford@... Jan 13
  • I'll be working on a revision this weekend.... Saionji no Hana, OL, West Kingdom
    wodeford@... Jan 9
  • ...for your approval: wodefordhall.com/japanesescrolls.htm Please direct comments, corrections or suggestions to my email address at wodeford AT yahoo DOT com. That way I will be assured of receiving them. Do you want to help? Are you able to translate award text into...
    wodeford@... Jan 1
  • This is what kyokechi looks like: 夾纈(きょうけち)板締 Kyokechi-Itajime 夾纈(きょうけち)板締 Kyokechi-Itajime 夾纈(きょうけち)板締 Kyokechi-Itajime View on www.youtube.com Preview by Yahoo
    wodeford@... Aug 4, 2014
  • Stolen Japanese armor, Chico California area. | Tousando Stolen Japanese armor, Chico California area. | Tousando Poster will enlarge if you click on it. This is Lash's kit. Please keep an eye out and pass the word if you can View on tousando.proboards.com Preview by Yahoo Please keep an eye out. Thank you. Saionji no Hana, OL, West Kingdom
    wodeford@... Jul 30, 2014
  • I've only played with some of the stitch-resist methods*. If that book doesn't have a more modern way of creating the effect, it probably doesn't exist. The authors are modern shibori artists. Sorry not to have better news. Saionji no Hana, OL, West Kingdom *In fact, I'm about to take a crack at doing it on undyed sweatshirt fleece for a modern jacket for myself. ;)
    wodeford@... Jul 30, 2014