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RE:um songs of japan... yea that's it.

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  • Matt L
    ... website ... Isn t there a song... from the 80 s... I presume you are refering to The Vapors, I Think I m Turning Japanese ... actualy with my Laural
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2003
      > wonderful... one of the very few disapointments I have had with the
      > was the garb section being incomplete... my girlfriend wants to go
      > japanese, and my laural has gone japanese,

      Isn't there a song... <G>

      from the 80's... I presume you are refering to The Vapors, "I Think I'm
      Turning Japanese"... actualy with my Laural living several kingdoms away
      from me at the moment, I do not have contact with her as often as I would
      like. when I met her I was a scotsman, and I believe she was a celt... when
      I decided to develope a japanese persona, I told her, and she informed me
      she was also in the process of doing the same... we had not comunicated
      with eachother about it, but both made the same decision... I realy thought
      that was cool.

      Matt L.
      (if only I could relocate the reference so I could complete developement of
      my name)
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