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Re: [SCA-JML] Name questions...again....

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    ... Well, Joji really is a guy s name.... ... Well, the close to an English name names you will encounter are Risa, Mari, Naomi, and Jun -- but these are
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 15, 2003
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      "lord_aharon_of_talkon " wrote:

      > I have my last name set...now I need suggestions for a female, late
      > period. Would really like a name either that sounds like Mercy (since
      > people call me that right now, but it ain't period so...) or is maybe
      > a feminine form of Joji, if there is one (can a woman use the name
      > Joji in late period?). I'm not even sure if Joji is period, but I
      > like the sound of it. Not sure what it means...anyone?

      Well, Joji really is a guy's name.... <G>

      > I'm basically looking for a cute first name that is very pronounceable
      > if none of the above work. Originally, people suggested I use the
      > name Raku, but I really don't want to. I'd perfer a name that sounds
      > close to an english name or is super simple to spell. I do a lot of
      > court things, so I'd like to keep it simple for everyone, including
      > me.

      Well, the "close to an English name" names you will encounter are Risa,
      Mari, Naomi, and Jun -- but these are all, I think, rather modern. Short of
      just providing a list that you can go through, I can't think of a way to
      suggest anything...

      > I know I'll end up confusing everyone anyhow since I've been using
      > Artemisia now for a year...but I've never really liked it so...HALP!

      At's okay, we know who you are.

      There's always "Megumi" (= "mercy/grace") but this is, also, I fear, a
      modern name. I've not done that much research into common women's names to
      trace their origins.

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