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Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Uwagi fabrics

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  • Don Luby
    ... Well, $3/yd is really hard to pass up! ... Sounds quite fine. ... I think so too, even though women s Heian is not my speciality. ... Sure - we got special
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 29 7:02 AM
      On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, daviem01 <ellen.m.davis@...> wrote:

      > Koredono-gimi,
      >> Another source for silk organza is http://www.silkconnection.com/;
      >> I've gotten a variety of silks from them, including their organza,
      >> and have nothing but praise for them. Personally, I'm quite a fan of
      >> their fuji broadcloth :)
      > I agree, Rupert Gibbon & Spider is great! I was originally planning
      > to order organza from them-- but finding it on sale for $3 a yard
      > changed my mind...

      Well, $3/yd is really hard to pass up!

      >> You might also want to look at something like
      >> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=943&item=739915534
      >> This is a moderately common brocade pattern, and I've seen it in a
      >> number of colors (jewel-tone blue and red being the most common, but
      >> I've also seen light blue, purple, white, and I think brown); he used
      >> to have it on his website, (www.silkxpress.com), but it's not there
      >> now. I'm pretty sure that's the same design as
      >> http://www.fabrics.biz/images/medallion/brocade228.jpg

      > It is indeed the same pattern. I was thinking for a while of using
      > this design. I have also seen a light green with similar medallions,
      > where the spaces between the medallions are filled with scrolls and
      > leaves...

      Sounds quite fine.

      > Fujiwara no Aki-ame-hime has told me off-list that the willow-
      > green "Chinese blossoms" fabric I found would make a fantastic
      > uwagi. :)

      I think so too, even though women's Heian is not my speciality.

      > I think I may go for that (not decided yet!) since it would be an
      > appropriate "late summer/early fall" color and would look good with
      > any of the layerings involving maroon. I am not entitled to wear a
      > red or purple uwagi,

      Sure - we got special dispensation for red for Cecily (as I said
      before), and a local countess, who was going to make a set for my
      knighting (but, as happens, way too many things prevented her from
      doing so) with a purple uwagi (being effectively a retired empress)

      > and I hear blue and black are Right Out (actually, I'm not even an
      > Armiger yet so I don't know if that limits anything else...)

      Dunno - those are questions for Kiri and Effingham; I am but a
      simple country samurai. :)

      >> Well, we made Heian for my knighting at Pennsic; some photos are
      >> available on the Yama Kaminari web site
      > Ooooh... *drool* <g>

      Yeah, everyone took bunches, but those are the ones on the web site.

      >> My noshi was made out of a bolt of kimono silk (you can't tell, but
      >> it's actually a kaminari-pattern jacquard w/ tiny shibori flowers on
      >> it), and the akome is from a white silk jacquard I dyed myself to get
      >> the right shade.
      > I would love to get a bolt of kimono silk and go to town.
      > http://www.ichiroya.com has some great ones.

      Thanks for the link! They've got some quite lovely stuff.
      I got mine from an (different) eBay vendor, who gets things
      completely erratically. But sometimes she's got really good stuff at
      quite reasonable prices.

      >> Sadly, the starch didn't hold up in the Pennsic heat and humidity,
      >> even though it was only on site for a day (an advantages of living
      >> close, and a housemate / retainer who's day-tripping) But I'm a
      >> guy, and that's not relevant to your question at hand.
      > It looks absolutely lurvly, even if it is slightly "wilted". :)

      Thank you!

      >> Cecily didn't wear the uwagi, mostly because it was so amazingly
      >> hot and she was wearing enoguh layers as it was
      > The organza I have is enough to make one garment with one body + five
      > sets of collars/sleeves/hems.

      Actually, she didn't go with organza, she went with 8mm habotai,
      which she dyed all those amazing shades herself (with a little help
      from my former Laurel).

      > I think I may do that for practicality, and for "lightness",
      > although lightness is of course relative with a garment like this,
      > and I would have to wear the uchiginu and uwagi to hide the "cheating".

      Sure. While I haven't compared the relative weights of the organza
      and the habotai, I think both would be pretyy weighty, with all those

      > I am fortunate to live close to Ii-dono, who has a copy of "Jidai
      > isshou no nuikata" with the appropriate patterns for the full ju-ni
      > hitoe with such a garment.

      Excellent for you!

      > Many Thanks,
      > Áine

      Sir Koredono

      Don Luby Magariki Katsuichi no Koredono, KSCA
      djl@... Yama-kaminari-ryu
      Pittsburgh, PA Debatable Lands, AEthelmearc
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