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Re: Looking for suggestions for Kofun and Yayoi.

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  • daviem01 <ellen.m.davis@att.net>
    ... is. I do understand and much appreciate your help. However, although I may only have a bachelor s degree, and may not have extensive published research, I
    Message 1 of 19 , Jan 6, 2003
      > Believe it or not, I am trying to help you. You appear to be
      > falling into "rationalization research" where you are trying to
      > prop up your desires about how you want things to be. If you start
      > being surprised and find that you have to change your mind about
      > things on occasion, then you will have made the leap to true
      > research. Maybe that is already happening to you. I do hope that it

      I do understand and much appreciate your help. However, although I
      may only have a bachelor's degree, and may not have extensive
      published research, I am already very well acquainted with how "true"
      research operates, and I'm a bit confused as to why you would suggest

      I am in the middle of extensive reading on the period in question,
      and my knowledge is very much in flux at the moment. My method for
      understanding the period from an SCA perspective is to put myself in
      the shoes of my persona as I CURRENTLY understand that person's life
      to have been. Any statements I make on the board from my persona's
      viewpoint ("I am a diviner in the service on my lord", etc.) should
      be understood from that perspective. As one's understanding of the
      period changes and grows, so, in good faith, should one's reenactment-
      - and I expect to make many changes as I continue to do research.

      I would venture to say that that is all that anyone in the SCA can
      achieve, in terms of accurately re-enacting an individual life from
      any period in question. I just happen to be starting at a bit of a
      disadvantage here: I'm reenacting a period where the sources are less
      historical than archeological and anthropological, and there is
      correspondingly more uncertainty.

      > Maybe there was the kind of specialization in religious
      > occupations which makes your recreation possible. Thus, far you
      > really haven't offered anything from the period in question to
      > demonstrate that it did. You have offered up stuff from much later.
      > That doesn't automatically work. We have good reason to believe
      > that the religious life of the kuge changed significantly after
      > the introduction of Buddhism and Chinese government.

      I don't believe I'm extrapolating from later periods-- in fact, to be
      honest, anything after the Taika reforms and before Heian is woefully
      sketchy in my mind! (Muust reead mooore.) I am very wary of using
      later sources, precisely for the reasons you mention.

      In contrast, my research on the subject has primarily focused on our
      archeological understanding of the Jomon, Yayoi and Kofun periods.
      In terms of daily life, social organization, and (to a limited
      extent) religious beliefs and rituals, the archeological record is
      our best source of information on the period. In particular, there
      is one archeologist operating out of Kyushu University, Mizoguchi
      Koji, who has done quite a bit of theoretical work on Yayoi and Kofun
      in order to understand how social structures and worldviews changed
      throughout those periods. (For example, the way settlements and
      burial grounds were organized from early Yayoi to Kofun reflect an
      increasing awareness of, and competition between, different segments
      within a lineage or clan, and of those segments becoming specialized
      to different occupations.)

      I need to write to Dr. Mizoguchi to clarify some of his points on the
      matter, but he provides a lot of good suggestions about the period,
      supported by archeological and anthropological theory and evidence.

      Might I suggest, Lady Solveig, that any further discussion between
      the two of us be conducted off-list? I am interested in what you
      have to say, but I feel that we have adequately covered this topic
      for a public forum.

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