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Re: cloaks

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  • Douglas Shannon
    From: Anthony J. Bryant ... I didn t say I was well read... ... Cool... Now how do I make one? ... That s why I m checking here... I
    Message 1 of 17 , Dec 17, 2002
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      From: "Anthony J. Bryant" <ajbryant@...>
      >Douglas Shannon wrote:
      >>I'm currently reading a series of books that while written in modern
      >>are set just post period in and around Edo. The current book is taking
      >>in the begining of winter and the author keeps mentioning that the
      >>characters are wearing cloaks.
      >>The primary character is the "shogun's sosakan-sama" and therefore a
      >>relatively well to-do samurai beaurocrat; so I can't picture that he would
      >>be wearing the grass rain cape of a commoner...

      >Oy. Rowland. Ummmm.... Yeah.

      I didn't say I was well read...

      >Well, when it's snowing or raining, he would. It isn't the cape of a
      >It's a *rain* cape. Period. Everyone wore them.

      Now how do I make one?

      >As to exactly what Rowland would be talking about, I couldn't tell ya...

      That's why I'm checking here...
      I was far from sure that she is historically accurate...

      >>This has some promise. Does anyone know how it would have been

      >It's 8/9ths of a full circle. It's made from eight equal triangles; if
      >there were a ninth, it'd be a full circle. The usually striped pattern of
      >the cloth is what makes them look so striking.

      Hrmmm... would that be using a 16" to 20" based triangle?

      >Of course, you wouldn't be making one to wear at an event, as it's not a
      >period garment. Ahem.

      I'm not now...
      Actually, I was pretty sure it would be a post-period garment and therefore
      not suitable for SCA perposes, but I had to find out what the author had in
      mind so that I could visualize the characters better.


      Thanks for the guidance.

      Silvester Burchardt
      East Kingdom

      m.k.a. Douglas Shannon

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