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[SCA-JML] Re: Kyujutsu, SCA rules, books

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  • Takewara no Ken'ichiro Yoshinobu
    anthony j. bryant wrote: original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/sca-jml/?start=864 ... getting straight ... not for ... with
    Message 1 of 74 , Mar 1, 2000
      "anthony j. bryant" <ajbryan-@...> wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/sca-jml/?start=864
      > Ron Martino wrote:
      > > > Aluminum is accepted for Japanese bows due to the difficulty of
      getting straight
      > > > shafts of bamboo. OTOH, these are only valid for target practise,
      not for
      > > > shooting at people.
      > >
      > > You'd better have your archery marshal double check that
      with his
      > > superiors - I ran the question by my kingdom's marshal and got the
      > > answer I gave earlier - no aluminum arrows allowed. Before anyone
      > > and spends the money on ones they don't need/can't use, we'd better
      > > the final word on the matter.
      > >
      > That's what the Midrealm archergod told me... Aluminum is fine for
      target shoots for
      > Japanese bows due to the length of the shaft and the expense of the
      real thing.
      > Western arrows of wood are a dime a dozen, but bamboo shafts are like
      two for $80,
      > so...
      > >
      > > > How many kyudo people do we have here?
      > > >
      > > > Effingham
      > >
      > > Wanna-be. I've got a bow on order, but haven't heard
      anything for quite
      > > a while. Who has Yumi's contact information? He may have lost
      > >
      > >
      > I'd like to know, too... I paid for a second bowstring when I bought
      my bow from him
      > at Pennsic, and it hasn't shown up yet...
      > Effingham

      I think that I still have the flyer that I got from him at Pennsic
      somewhere, and I should have a business card somewhere. HOWEVER,
      Hiraizumi-dono, I know someone that can make strings for yumi out of
      dacron instead of the "traditional" materials, and still be the right
      size, just as strong, and last longer. Might you be interested? He's
      an archery marshall, BTW.
      And while I'm at it, why practice with air for weeks or months
      before stringing the bow and actually firing? Isn't use the best way
      to improve or learn a skill?
    • Joshua Badgley
      ... From the castle I headed south (right from the castle entrance, and it was at the northeast corner of the next block down, if I am remembering correctly.
      Message 74 of 74 , Mar 17, 2000
        On Fri, 17 Mar 2000, Anthony J. Bryant wrote:

        > > Actually, I was a bad boy and skipped out without finding the exact
        > > address. It was next to Nijo Castle, and it was just a small hole in
        > > the wall, from the looks of it. I wish, looking back, that I had paid
        > > more attention, but my main thought was that I didn't have enough money,
        > > and then some other people walked in; and the people were pretty busy.
        > >
        > Hmmm... Okay, as you stand in front of the entrance to Nijo, is it to the left or
        > right? Same street, or down a side street?

        From the castle I headed south (right from the castle entrance, and it was
        at the northeast corner of the next block down, if I am remembering
        correctly. (In other words, head south, cross the street, and you're

        It caught my eye because of the tsuba and various other furniture in the
        window. I thought it might have something I could afford. On entering,

        Well, the entire 'shop' seems to be just a selling point. It is one room,
        enough space for maybe 5 people, comfortably. Blades are mounted on the
        walls. I'm pretty sure they do more than shinken, and I sure hope it was
        real shinken with the price tags I saw.

        They also had one ancient looking tsuba for about \11,000 or more, that I
        saw. I wish I could help more. Now I really feel bad for not being more

        > True. I'd like to go in and look at the place in person, though... <g>


        And thanks for the rest of the info.

        -Godric Logan
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