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Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Paper hair ties

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  • Bill Fornshell
    Hi, Paper, yes, most any type. Right now I am spinning the color paper from the Sunday comics. This is also what we are spinning and weaving for a Fiber to
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 6, 2002
      Hi, Paper, yes, most any type. Right now I am
      spinning the color paper from the Sunday comics. This
      is also what we are spinning and weaving for a Fiber
      to Fashion event this weekend. Paper spinning is an
      old Japanese art that is called Shifu. Look for Washi
      first then Shifu. If you do I search for Shifu you
      will find that the word means other things. I learned
      how to do this from Japanese lady in Kyoto summer of
      1999. She just showed us how to prepare the paper and
      then said "now you spin it into paper yarn and do
      something with it" I taught myself how to spin paper
      and have tried most ever paper. The Japanese make a
      paper just for Shifu that has all the fiber running
      the same way (grain) and is very strong and can be
      washed. Washed like you might a fine sweater. They
      also make the kimono out of Shifu and sell them for up
      to $20,000 each. This web site is a good one to start
      with. http://www.jgc.co.jp/waza/b4_washi/washi02.htm
      You will also see a reference to Kamiko paper. look
      over this as it may intrest you also. If you go to the
      address in my signature and look for "paper yarn" or
      "shifu" you will find some pictures of how the paper
      is prepared. It is easy and for a small amount of
      yarn you could do the twisting by hand. I have just
      finished cutting 34 sheets of paper that will make 800
      yards of paper yarn. Look over the reference and if
      you have questions a will try an answer them. Bill
      --- makiwara_no_yetsuko
      <makiwara_no_yetsuko@...> wrote:
      > --- In sca-jml@y..., Bill Fornshell
      > <bfornshell@y...> wrote:
      > > Hi, Have you done a search for the words
      > "monoimi"
      > > (saikai) and "takenaga" . Monoimi is a term with
      > some
      > > Shinto reference. Takenaga is a special paper
      > type.
      > No, but I will. Thanks for the names!
      > Bill, are you spinning actual paper or wood fibers?
      > This summer at
      > Yosemite, I saw a Native American docent demonstrate
      > how the local
      > tribes made fish nets by peeling fine, narrow strips
      > of wood and
      > spinning them into string.
      > > I
      > > believe that the braided paper thing used in the
      > hair
      > > has a Shinto reference. I have a braided paper
      > cord
      > > such as you sometimes see around a tree in Japan
      > > hanging just inside my home. I will put a picture
      > of
      > > it in a new photo album called Shifu (paper yarn).
      > Thanks for posting them. The pics at the Kyoto
      > Costume Museum appear
      > to show hair ties as flat white (paper?) ribbon, as
      > opposed to a yarn
      > or cord. I may have to experiment with papers of
      > various weights and
      > and see what actually works.
      > > I am up to my ears in making pottery for large
      > Salt kiln I
      > > am firing in 3 weeks and when that is under
      > control I
      > > will also dig deeper into this subject. I am
      > always
      > > looking for interesting things done with paper.
      > Sounds like you keep pretty busy. :->
      > Many thanks,
      > Makiwara

      Bill Fornshell
      Founder and President
      Cold Mountain Chanoyu
      (Tea School for the New Millennium)
      School of One

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