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Re: [SCA-JML] Heiki no ho pattern sizing?

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  • Richard Brooks
    Thanks:) so knock off about 10% of the measurements and it should be a little more managable..Was 5 3 an average height for a period male?
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 27, 2002
      Thanks:) so knock off about 10% of the measurements and it should be a
      little more managable..Was 5'3 an average height for a period male?

      "Anthony J. Bryant" wrote:

      > Richard Brooks wrote:
      > > I downloaded and printed off the pdf paterns on this site for the
      > > karaginu, and heiki no ho..
      > > I read the measurements of the fabric pieces and I know that these
      > > garments are supposed to be voluminous, but I think that these would
      > be
      > > a little too big for me.
      > They're meant to be *huge.* You also wear about six or eight layers
      > *under*
      > them, so that takes up a lot of the bulk. For them to look right, they
      > have
      > to be worn right and that involves in wrapping the back forward toward
      > the
      > front; it doesn't just hang there.
      > For the record, the measurements are scaled up 10% from originals (to
      > give
      > you an idea of how big those things were). A little algebra should
      > give you
      > the actual period measurement. Remember, though, that the period width
      > for
      > fabric is about 17-19" typically, and that's the width of the body of
      > a
      > kariginu. The back should come to the heels. The front is the same
      > length,
      > but it blouses up so only hangs to about the knees.
      > The hoeki no ho hangs to somewhere between the bottom of the knee and
      > mid-shin. The Japanese models *seem* to have been pretty much made
      > cookie-cutter style, in a "one-size fits all" mode, so for some people
      > they'd be a few inches shorter or longer when worn. If one was more
      > than six
      > or eight inches beyond "normal" (either way) however, I imagine some
      > "customized" cutting might be done -- but I doubt it.
      > > What size body were these patterns designed to
      > > fit? I 'm only 5'3, and have a feeling that garments made with the
      > > default measurements would be falling off of me. If I knew how how
      > big a
      > > person these were designed for (height, shoulder width, etc) then I
      > > could scale the patterns to fit me right.
      > The patterns provided fit me, and I'm 5'9" tall. The original pattern
      > would
      > fit someone 5' - 5'6" with no modification. All you have to do is
      > reduce the
      > *length* by the appropriate percentage, and make your cutting width
      > 18"
      > instead of 20" (with finished widths of 16-17" with seams per
      > "panel").
      > Effingham
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