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  • Ii Saburou
    ... Well, other than Nobumitsu s Toshokan I m not sure what there is out there. If you want to put something together, though, go ahead! ... Not that I m
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 26, 2002
      On Thu, 26 Sep 2002, Ryan Kelley wrote:

      > First, is there some type of comprehensive FAQ somewhere? I've found a few
      > smaller ones (such as Nobumitsu's Personae FAQ) but nothing that covers a lot
      > of my questions. I'd hate to have to bother you guys every time I find a new
      > question, hehe.

      Well, other than Nobumitsu's Toshokan I'm not sure what there is out
      there. If you want to put something together, though, go ahead!

      > If there isn't, here's a few basic questions to get you guys started on.
      > 1. Are there any decently priced places to buy garb? Especially ones that
      > have stuff in the right size for a big gaijin like me (6'2" 280lbs, built
      > broad, with 15EEEE feet)? Ebay seems to never have anything in the right
      > size, and all the sites I've found want $250 for a hakama, except one, which
      > only offers kosode's in black and hakamas in black or white (how boring), and
      > a few kendo and aikido sites that I have no idea on how period their hakamas
      > are. I'm just wanting a basic kosode, obi, and hakama to start off with, I
      > might add a haori later.

      Not that I'm aware of. Kosode, hakama, and other garments are almost all
      modern that I've seen. As I mentioned earlier, affordable, period
      historical garments are rare enough, let alone for people our size (I'm
      6'3" myself). The kosode and hakama are not really that hard to make.
      They are basically rectangles sewn together--the hakama are just two tubes
      bunched at the top into nice pleats.

      > I realize most people make their own stuff as its cheaper and obviously much
      > easier to custom fit. However, I'm currently living 250 miles from my home
      > shire and haven't gotten involved with the local group yet, and being young
      > and male I've never sewn anything in my life, heh. Basic Japanese garb seems
      > to be all simple rectangles, but it's the whole "stitching those rectangles
      > together" thing that worries me.

      Well, can't help you much there, unfortunately, other than to say that
      there is no time like the present to take up new hobbies.

      > 3. For the chivalric fighters out there, what kind of garb do you usually wear
      > under your armor? I've been staring at the pictures on the Clan Yama Kaminari
      > page for quite a while, but it's hard to tell. A kosode? Some type of padded
      > shirt like an European gambeson? Did you buy or make yours?

      That shows my armor and what I wear under it. The kosode+yoroi
      hitatare+yoroi hakama provide enough padding under the metal armor.
      Especially with the sleeves--those are three layers of fabric with maille
      on top. The three layers, plus the sleeves that have to be wrapped around
      a bit, with a wingless elbow cop underneath provide fine padding.

      > 4. Another fighting question. Those that fight with the rattan equivalent of
      > a katana vs traditional sword and board, how long are your swords usually,
      > including handle? Do you wear gauntlets or use some other form of hand
      > protection? Are mitten gauntlets sufficient or do you find them too
      > restrictive and I should invest in some quality finger gauntlets?

      I go with mitten gauntlets. Good mittens are good enough for the SCA, and
      you don't want too much flexibility in your gauntlets or they won't be
      doing their job.

      I've heard of good finger gauntlets, and would love some, but I would also
      be very wary.

      > 5. Hope I'm not annoying you fighters too much, wouldn't want to get jumped at
      > Gulf Wars, hehe. What do you find to be more practical, Japanese leg armor
      > (haidate?) worn over a split-leg hakama, or European under the hakama?

      I wear haidate, am making suneate (I have the base, but haven't put the
      plates on it yet--been worried about the helmet and the gorget for the
      moment), and under my hakama I wear wingless knee cops.

      What do you mean by 'split-leg' hakama? All hakama are split leg--they
      are large trousers. A full skirt is a mo, a female garment. I believe
      that modernly there are some forms of hakama that people wear that are
      split but I've seen no evidence of anything like that in period.

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