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      Subject: [pmjs] Theatre Nohgaku US Tour

      Theatre Nohgaku is a new theatre company created two years ago and
      made up largely of Americans who are experienced foreign
      practitioners of Japanese classical noh drama including several who
      have been studying in my on-going Noh Training Project workshops in
      Tokyo and in my intensive summer Noh Training Project workshops in
      Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. The troupe was formed with the idea of
      performing noh in English and the first tour of the company will take
      place in September. Theatre of Yugen of San Francisco is producing
      this tour. The feature play to be performed is W.B. Yeats' "At the
      Hawk's Well," the most significant non-Japanese written play which
      has found itself into the noh repertory as a shinsaku (newly
      composed) noh. Theatre Nohgaku will not be performing the Japanese
      version but a version based on Yeats' original English text with
      music and direction by me. Japanese noh hayashi instrumentalists will
      accompany the performance and Noh master performer Akira Matsui will
      take the lead role of the Hawk. All other roles including the chorus
      members will be played by Theatre Nohgaku performers. Also on the
      program will be short shimai dances from other English noh plays, a
      short noh hayashi instrumental piece, and the kyogen Bo-shibari (Tied
      to a Stick) played by Theatre of Yugen members and directed by Yuriko
      Doi. The following is the tour schedule. Please feel free to print it
      out and post it or send it on to any interested parties. Thank you.

      Theatre Nohgaku/Theatre of Yugen Hawk's Well 2002 Tour

      September 10
      Hampden-Sydney, VA.
      Theatre Nohgaku will be in residency
      at Hampden-Sydney College Sept. 2 -

      September 13 & 14
      San Francisco, CA
      Presented by Theatre of Yugen
      USF Presentation Theater
      For tickets call 345-7575 (CBON)
      online sales coming soon!
      Tickets also available in person at
      Kinokuniya Bookstores in Japan
      1581 Webster St # 111

      September 17
      Duke University - Raleigh, NC
      Reynolds Theater
      For tickets call: 919-684-4444
      or visit www.tickets.duke.edu
      Prices: $22 Preferred Rows
      $18 General Seating;
      $12 Students

      September 19
      Williamstown, MA
      Presented by Williams College
      Adams Memorial Theatre
      For tickets call: 413.597.2342

      September 21
      Amherst, MA
      Presented by U of Mass. at Amherst
      Bowker Auditorium
      For tickets call: 413.545.2511
      Prices: general public $20, $15;
      17 and under $10;
      College Students: $10, $7;
      Reserved seating.

      September 23
      Wellesley, MA
      Presented by Wellesley College
      with The Japan Society of Boston
      Alumni Hall Theater
      For tickets call: 617-451-0726
      Prices: $30 general;
      $20 members of Japan Society;
      Students/Seniors discount

      September 24
      Portsmouth, NH
      Presented by NH Humanities Council
      The Music Hall Theater
      For tickets call: 603-436-2400
      or visit www.themusichall.org
      Prices: general public: $20, $17
      Students and Seniors: $10

      For Further Information on the Hawk's Well tour see:
      For information on noh workshops
      in Japan and the United States see:
      Richard Emmert

      Tokyo Addresses:
      Hon-cho 2-27-10, Nakano-ku
      Tokyo 164-0012 Japan
      tel: 81-(0)3-3373-0553
      fax: 81-(0)3-3373-4509
      email: emmert@...

      Noh Research Archives
      Musashino Womens University
      Shinmachi 1-1-20, Nishi Tokyo-shi
      Tokyo 282-8585 Japan
      tel: 0424-68-3147 (archives)
      tel: 0424-68-3229 (office)
      email: r_emmert@...

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