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  • lord_aharon_of_talkon
    ... and they ve already got me rewriting a course that I m going to be teaching the week before Pennsic!! So I m kind of under the gun with that. But I am
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 6, 2002
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      --- In sca-jml@y..., Elaine Koogler <ekoogler1@c...> wrote:
      > I'm doing some research on this as I can. I just started a new job
      and they've already got me rewriting a course that I'm going to be
      teaching the week before Pennsic!! So I'm kind of under the gun with
      that. But I am checking into it. It appears I may have been
      mistaken about the Arita...but then I did say I wasn't sure. I do
      know that pottery existed very early in Japan, but it wasn't the fine
      porcelain. That they learned how to make from Chinese and Korean
      potters. I don't have dates yet, but, as I said, I'll get them out
      as soon as possible.
      > The website referred to be another person (name escapes me at the
      moment...I've been fighting with Oracle all day) looked pretty good,
      so you might want to check that out.

      Check out the files section, very bottom, ca project is the title.
      It is a research paper I wrote on ceramics in asia. It BARELY
      touches porcelain, but it goes into the main materials that were
      used, which were stoneware and earthernware. And it was the koreans,
      mainly, who taught the Japanese how to fire their kilns at higher
      temps and introduced, amoung many other things, celadon glaze.

      China did have some influence, but really not as much as korea, or at
      least not as DIRECTLY as korea had.

      I just got yet ANOTHER Japanese ceramic book, it's actually a history
      of folk art, mostly wood, some fiber and ceramics, and it seems that
      if Japan did use porcelain, it would be very late period since all
      the examples I've come across so far have been 17th century. Again,
      I am far from perfect or the end all knowledge, but from what it
      looks like, China was the one that used porcelains and exported it
      first, and much earlier in period.

      So, while blue and white pottery is extremely "it" in Japan today, it
      certainly wasn't as available during most of period. Shino, celedon,
      temoku and oribe wares would be the main ones, with a whole lot of
      ash glaze pieces mixed in. Bizenware, tamba also period, but tamba
      as far as I know isn't still in production. Hmmm...something else to
      research. :)

      I will be expanding that asian ceramics article for Caid's pentathlon
      I have decided. I'm a little miffled that there is so little focus
      in Caid on asia and its arts. I mean, HELLO, we have Hawaii in our
      Kingdom. ::shrugg::

      If you all could please read the article and tell me what you would
      like to know more ABOUT that would help. I WILL research porcelain
      some more for sure...but anything else?

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