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  • mzhuntress
    Entry rules for Cook s Competition to be held at the Southern Regional Fighter Practice June 27th in Oglethorpe, GA. For event information
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2002
      Entry rules for Cook's Competition to be held at the Southern Regional
      Fighter Practice June 27th in Oglethorpe, GA. For event information

      The categories are preserved foods, beverages (includes brewed and
      vinted drinks), breads, sweets, vegetable, meats, soups & stews, and
      miscellaneous (anything we forgot :)

      We'll have prizes in all categories along with an overall prize a
      handforged carving set made by Taberah Boneshard aka the smith in
      tights mka Trent Tye.

      10 servings required = Please use good sense or recommended serving
      portions i.e.. 1 loaf of bread can easily be sliced into 10 slices, 10
      scoops of Italian ice, 10 tarts, for soups and stews it works out to
      about 10 cups - not huge gigantic cups, but 10 measured cups.....the
      common sense rule works. Extra portions are certainly welcome!

      The judging is by 3 different judges from 3 different areas and is
      based on...

      Documentation -- A copy of the book where you found it, a copy of the
      front publishing page of the book, secondary sources are acceptable.
      Don't forget to document, if possible, your ingredients and not just
      the recipe.

      Preparation -- How was it prepared. i.e. In the original recipe were
      you supposed to roast it on a spit over a fire and when you cooked it
      you put it on a rotisserie on your gas grill or baked it for 2 hours
      at 350 in your oven.

      Appearance -- Let's face it some period foods are just not that pretty
      to look at, but others are, and even if it's not such as sheep's
      brains or other "shudder" things. If it's not sitting in a pile of
      grease (unless it's supposed to) not burned and to a cinder (unless
      that's what the recipe calls for) it's easy.

      Presentation -- Is it wrapped in aluminum foil or inside a plastic
      baggie or is it garnished nicely and on a nice tray..... You know the

      Taste -- The most subjective of the judging criteria, but we're really
      making an effort to make sure it's as fair as possible.

      The entries can be cooked on site or precooked off site. With a
      pre-reservation for the event we have camp sites with water 110 and
      220 hookups if you ask for one before they are all reserved -- there
      are 45 such camping sites available first come first serve. Fires are
      allowed on site. There are grills available in the campsites -- though
      if you are planning on using one you may want to bring your own as the
      grills on site, at least in my opinion, are absolutely useless for
      most anything other than warming up a hot dog. Coleman stoves and
      other such things are certainly welcome. We will also be setting
      aside a central (real building not a tent) screened pavilion with a
      fireplace, overhead fans, large prep tables, and electric outlets for
      the cooks entering the competition to use if they desire.

      We have some limited cooking facilities available on site, but these
      will not be open to the cooks in the competition... It would take some
      of the fun out of it.

      OYEZ! OYEZ! COME ONE AND ALL!!! Tempting Treats! Lots of Fighting! Fun
      for Everyone!

      Rebekah Oliver mka Rebecca Hull
      Autocrat Southern Regional Fighter Practice and Cook's Competition
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