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Japanese Tournament at Lilies War

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  • Park McKellop
    Thought this might interest y all . Alcyoneus/Kondei Ichimusai Niten Konnichiwa, y all.A SHORT ANSWER to Halvgrimr-san s question is that the Heiho is a
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      Thought this might interest "y'all".

      Alcyoneus/Kondei Ichimusai Niten

      Konnichiwa, y'all.A SHORT ANSWER to Halvgrimr-san's question is that the Heiho is a party(everybody come on in, the sake's fine/the cider's cold/the wasabi ishot...) and an invitational torchlight tournament with a Japanese flavor.I am but a rough uncultured country bushi, but I hope that one and all willallow me and my honorable associates to offer our hospitality and theopportunity to witness some of the great schools of martial ways put intopractice.When: Friday evening, 9:30 p.m.Where: On the main battlefield or in the Japanese encampment that willspring up Brigadoon-like Friday afternoon between the traditional campingspots of the Kingdom of the Outlands and the Barony of Coeur d'Ennui. Keepan eye open for banners with maple leaves/crescent moons or rabbits on them.A LONGER ANSWER...Heiho is a Japanese term that translates, more or less, as "strategy" and anumber of works regarding medieval Japanese combat use "strategist" where wemight normally use the term "swordsman." The warrior's way was not limitedsimply to how to swing your sword, but searched for a greater, moreexpansive truth and understanding.The Heiho Invitational tournament hopes to take some of the great "schools"of combat and pit them against each other not only as a means of displayingtheir prowess, but as a way to get a peek at the development of the schoolof thought that guides them on their warrior's path. Those who have walkedthe path long enough and well enough have become masters of note. The Heihowill test the validity of their heiho by its successful transmission to itsstudents. A number of masters have been invited to be patrons to combatantsof their choosing. If this doesn't work, we'll pit the masters against eachother next time. ;-)When schools of the martial ways met to test themselves against otherschools (ryu), the combat was generally not intended to be lethal. Mattersof honor made them so, now and again, and I suspect that things will belittle different at the Heiho. Combat will be with "bated" blades unless thefighting is indecisive or someone feels that they have lost too much faceand ups the ante. This will be dangerous to the schools involved as our campphysician can only do so much to mend the combatants' injuries and thewounded will have to proceed to the next round as best as they are able. Thecombatants will need only bring themselves, their armor, and their warrior'sspirit as all weaponry for the tournament shall be provided.The rest of us are invited to witness the prowess, mettle, honor, andchivalry of the combatants and enjoy libations and simple foods reminiscentof the land of my ancestors (and some not so reminiscent).YoshiFrom my home in the heart of the Boar Ring on the first day of the sixthmoon of the thirteenth year of Heisei, AS XXXVII.Akitsuki Yoshimitsu"Wealth and rank are like the clouds, I do not wish for such transientthings."Barony of Coeur d'Ennui, Kingdom of Calontir

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