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Re: [SCA-JML] Mon help....Warning: Discretion advised...

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  • Elaine Koogler
    I agree with Master Edward. I ve been a herald for a VERY long time, and I can tell you that this sort of thing would never see the light of day, if they have
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 28, 2002
      I agree with Master Edward. I've been a herald for a VERY long time, and I can tell you that this sort of thing would never see the light of day, if they have any inkling of what you're trying to do. And if that isn't enough to dissuade you, please try to take into account that this is a family organization (much as I usually hate that appellation!!), and there are those of us who, though we normally regard off color jokes with great humor, don't like to have this sort of thing paraded about as a public thing.

      I seriously urge you to rethink what you are doing.

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      From: Anthony J. Bryant
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      fuzzybunz2002 wrote:

      > Ohayou gozaimasu Hiraizumi-dono and others....
      > I have picked a mon for my japanese persona...and...me being
      > me...<evil grin> it is not a NORMAL mon....

      I'd be surprised if it were. <G>

      > Please remember, my japanese persona, altho as accurate as I can make
      > it in appearance, and Edo...so not 'period', will NOT be
      > registered...I don't need to make it 100% or thereabouts accurate...or
      > authentic...<grin>

      Forget registered. If you want to *display* it you should keep in mind the
      offense factor. I can't use a perfectly historical and reasonable Buddhist
      symbol for my persona (a swastika) because someone *might* be offended. You
      should keep that in mind when you want to do something deliberately

      > So...with that out of the way....hmmm...how do I describe this...??
      > Ok...I guess I'll start at the beginning. Some of you may or may not
      > know, that I am a member of Clan Blue Feather...ie: gay....

      Oh my GOSH !! NOOOOOOOOOO! <G>

      > While in Chapters one day, I discovered a book in the craft section on
      > 'kokigami'. For those who don't know, kokigami are...ummm...little
      > paper 'outfits' worn on a male erect member...<grin>...in the shapes
      > of fish, and squid, butterflies, fire engines etc...<grin> They are
      > supposed to help break the ice so to speak, or add a little bit of fun
      > play or eroticism etc....to the marriage or other bed.

      Oy.... <g>

      > Anyway....the book had the kokigami in it, and they were intended to
      > be cut out, so the backs of the pages with the designs, rather than
      > being blank, had a design on them, the same design on all the pages,
      > but in different layouts...ie: diaper patterns of the same
      > motif..differing in size and layout...

      Take what the book says with a grain of salt. I've been trying to track the
      historicity of this one down for a long time and still haven't been able to
      do so.

      > Anyway...I was looking this motif....and all of a sudden...it struck
      > me what it was....the only thing that triggered the recognition...was
      > the version in pink, and what kind of book it was in....the motif is a
      > highly stylized phallus....just the glans part, with the shaft being
      > truncated really short, almost non-existant, and the end where the
      > shaft is truncated is cut into two semi-circles, which to me suggest
      > the testes in scrotum....<grin> Ok...so...I'm rude...what can I say?
      > Anyway...what I am asking help with is....
      > Does a Mon always have to have a border....


      > and if so...what shapes can
      > be used....

      See my essay on mon in the Miscellany.

      > and 2...I know that in japanese, the names for the erect male member
      > has many 'allusory' names....none of which I can remember at the
      > moment...

      It's better that way. <G>

      > What I would like help with...could one of you who are maybe familiar
      > with the euphemisms give me some of them, in english translation, and
      > japanese phonetics..??
      > I would like to let people who ask me what it is, know the euphemism
      > and or the japanese for same....so I don't have to tell them exactly
      > what it is....<grin>
      > I am planning on making myself a 'heraldic' outfit, with this Mon as
      > the pattern on the fabric, as they did it in the book, dying my own
      > silk etc....

      Please don't. Seriously, in the interests of good taste, please don't.


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