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Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Hrrm How Far is Quebec

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  • michael A
    well on both the awards ive recieved they had oriental style brush paintings or a japanese themed painting with japaneseish looking caracters and a english
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 5, 2002
      well on both the awards ive recieved they had oriental
      style brush paintings or a japanese themed painting
      with japaneseish looking caracters and a english
      version on the back or as a seperate piece of paper. i
      have to say im was tickled pink on both the aoa and
      purple fret that someone took the time to make them at
      least look japanese.

      that having being said i would love to actually have
      the proper japanese and a translation. I guess before
      looking into what the wording is for various awards
      and trying to do a translation with my ohhhhh so rusty
      japanese...... i should ask has anyone tried this
      before??? i imagine it shouldnt be too hard to hunt
      down the awards wording, but has anyone done
      translations and/or compliled them?? anything at all
      would be interesting from any kingdom, but especially
      midrealm awards/ translations would be helpful.( since
      thats where i hail from)

      i guess i should say my shodo is nothing to brag
      about, and i have no idea of the volume of awards that
      are given out to japanese personas here, but having
      them in japanese would be quite supurb. i for one
      would be willing to do as many as i can. atleast it
      would be a start. right??

      as for being able to read it.... well for one thing
      evenif you cant read kanji most japanese personas
      recognize kanji and hirigana vs fake letters. that
      alone would mean quite a bit. second, if i had a piece
      in kanji a translation and my dictionary you can bet
      i would work till i could read it. i mean what an
      incentive to learn!!

      so any suggestion on wordings and translations???

      --- tadatsune <tadatsune@...> wrote:
      > --- In sca-jml@y..., "mgiard2002" <mgiard@h...>
      > wrote:
      > > Konnichi wah Tadatsune-dono!
      > >
      > > I'm afraid there's another Hanzo out there... I
      > never been at
      > > Pennsic...
      > >
      > > > I diddn't find much information on the host site
      > but it looked
      > too
      > > > nice not to pass along. Especially since Hanzo
      > was such a good
      > > Ronin
      > > > at Pennsic.
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > - Tadatsune
      > Please forgive my mistake. Calling someone a Ronin
      > who is not was
      > not my intent. I was sure the Hanzo who visited was
      > from Quebec so I
      > hope he finds your gathering. I am in Boston so the
      > trip is
      > technically possible but I doubt I will be able to
      > make it. What
      > matters is that there is a community larger than
      > just my little group.
      > Question time... While I was at Birka this weekend
      > I picked up a
      > Asian calligraphy set complete with chop. I am
      > planing on carving my
      > Kanji for Tadadtsune into it. Would I carve away
      > and leave raised
      > lines or would I carve in my kanji? Does it matter?
      > Does anyone here do Japanese illuminations? Is
      > Sumi-e appropriate
      > for SCA Scrolls? What are peoples opinions on
      > Japanese scrolls? I
      > am torn between the look of Kanji and my inability
      > to read it. half
      > of me wants something anyone can read and understand
      > the other half
      > wants a piece that could hang on the wall and be
      > admired for the
      > Asian aestetic(sp?). Could people comment on what
      > they thought the
      > illustration would be. ie. birds, trees, battle
      > scene.... My
      > first attempts would likely be waka beside a scene
      > to be given as
      > gifts. If I get good at it I might look to do
      > actual scrolls.
      > Thanks for the Bandwidth
      > Tadatsune
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