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Re: Helmet (was: Re: [SCA-JML] Introduction with questions)

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    ... I average it. If half the helm is 18 and half is (therefore) 9 gauge, I tell em it s between 13 and 14. Effingham
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 17, 2002
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      Ron Martino wrote:

      > > 2) How thick do you recommend the metal to adequately protect a person in
      > > the SCA? (NOTE: I want what is legal, but more than that I want what will
      > > keep me safe. Many people have told me that going with the minimum guage
      > > is unsafe because the helmet is too light. However, if I decide to do a
      > > ribbed helmet (still deciding) and if I rivet it, do you think the helmet
      > > will still be too light?
      > > -Ii
      > If you expect to be fighting folks who hit hard, 12 gauge, else 14
      > gauge should be okay. But this is your baby, which a lot of work will go
      > into, so you won't want it dented.
      > Note that this total thickness - if you're going to have a great deal
      > of overlap, take that into consideration. And when the marshals ask,
      > give them the overlap thickness...

      I average it. <G> If half the helm is 18 and half is (therefore) 9 gauge, I tell
      'em it's between 13 and 14. <G>

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