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Re: [SCA-JML] Some help on a few words...

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    ... sorori to [suru] is roughly synonymous with shizushizu to [suru] and means quietly -- or calmly -- . So the sentence is First, I shall calmly,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 10, 2002
      Ii Saburou wrote:

      > "MADUSORORI [repetion mark] TO {MAI}RAU." (Repition mark looks like a long
      > KU taking up two character spaces, and I used {} to indicate the presence
      > of a kanji (pronunciation assumed).
      > Which I think is supposed to be:
      > "Mazu sorori, sorori to mairau." (Mairou?)
      > Both my modern Japanese-English and Kogojiten give 'MADU' as 'First,
      > previously' (HAJIME NI. {SAKI} NI.) But I can't find any word that seems
      > to fit with sorori.

      "sorori to [suru]" is roughly synonymous with "shizushizu to [suru]" and
      means "quietly --" or "calmly --". So the sentence is "First, I shall calmly,
      calmly go [on my way to someplace]."

      > It seems almost like an onomotapoeia, but I'm not sure. My first guess is
      > that it means '(I) have been/am going here and there.' but I'm not sure.
      > Can anyone help me on this?

      Here's the key thing you missed. It's "TO mairu," not "NI mairu." When you
      have the "TO" it means that sorori is describing *how* one mairu-ed. <G>

      > Also, I think I have the following translated correctly, but I'm not sure
      > (numbers indicate kanji reference in Nelson's):
      > KUZU JYOU ([3997][1078]) Kuzu Castle/Arrowroot Castle

      You'd think. But it's "Katsuragi."

      > HA GURO SAN ([3673][5403][1407] Mt. Haguro/Mt. Featherblack

      I got 190 hits with the kana-spelling "Haguro-san" and only 49 with
      "Haguro-yama." I'd go with "san." <G>

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