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[SCA-JML] Re: Cloth lengths

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  • Kass McGann
    ... Spider in California. Their ... black silk, but they also sell Okay, I m looking at their site right now. Which fabrics do I want, exactly? They seem to
    Message 1 of 13 , Feb 22, 2000
      > I buy all my silk from a mail order company called Rupert, Gibbon and
      Spider in California. Their
      > URL is www.jacquardproducts.com. They sell only white, natural and
      black silk, but they also sell

      Okay, I'm looking at their site right now. Which fabrics do I
      want, exactly? They seem to offer silk in a lot of varieties. For
      instance, they list silk charmeuse as being good for kimono (I assume
      that they mean kosode), but what about the weight of the fabric and
      No, they mean modern bath robes... I use 8mm habotai for my uchigi because I wear multiple layers.
      You might want something heavier for yourself (12mm perhaps). Also, fuji broadcloth is very nice.
      Sturdy, nice weave, dyes beautifully...
      Are the jacquards period? The silk noil looks like it would be
      nice for mens' wear but ???
      Noil isn't period, actually, but alot of people wear it because of the price. Noil is made from the
      waste that is left over after you've reeled all the good silk out of the cocoons. In period, noils
      ("slubs") would have been used to pad garments and such. Not to spin into clothing. It is actually
      an inferior silk and it doesn't take wear as well as the reeled silks (like habotai, charmeuse,
      broadcloth, organza...). But there are plenty of silks you can get for $6 a yard. Why settle for
      Despite the fact that they list hemp, I can't see to find any on
      their site.
      Call their phone number. It's on the site.
      > How to put the mon on... You mean for daimon hitatate? I think
      (correct me if I'm wrong oh list
      > gods) you could do shibori (tie-dye). There is a great book that has
      just come out in paperback
      > called "Shibori" and it explains tons of techniques!

      Got the ISBN for the book? I seem to recall being told that
      silk-screening was about the closest that I could expect to get to the
      traditional way of putting 'em on, but, well, you know how it goes.
      Always looking for a better way.
      I never heard anything about silk screening. But shibori IS a very period technique. And you can
      do it yourself. I have. It's not like rozome that gets so icky with all that wax all over the

      I'll do you one better. Click here:
      What does "daimon hitatate" mean?
      Hitatare (the hakama and kosode combo that match) with big mon all over it.

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