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Re: [SCA-JML] Muromachi merchant class

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  • Nate Ledbetter
    ... Not anymore than it would have for a woman to travel to Europe, eh? ... When you say Local Club , that means it s a a local rule? I m not aware that the
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 7, 2001
      --- Jen Wallace <akirawally@...> wrote:

      > Would it be unheard of to
      > have an unmarried adult female persona during this
      > era?

      Not anymore than it would have for a woman to travel
      to Europe, eh?

      > I am choosing this era so I can satisfy the "in
      > contact with europeans'
      > clause in my local club, since the Portugese
      > misssionaries started popping
      > over to Japan during this time.

      When you say "Local Club", that means it's a a local
      rule? I'm not aware that the SCA has such a rule, in
      fact. After all, our own Fujiwara-dono is a Heian
      Jidai lady.

      I know there was a
      > group or two of Japanese
      > who came to Europe on some Jesuit caravan or
      > something, where can I learn
      > more about this? I figure I can have my persona
      > come over to Europe on one
      > of these caravans, though I don't know if a female
      > would have been on one of
      > these to begin with.

      No, and Jesuits didn't travel in caravans. They
      traveled on boats. If you want a good idea (even
      though it's a novel) of the travels of Japanese in
      Europe, read THE SAMURAI by Shusaku Endo. Not many
      Japanese went over to Europe, though, and no women. I
      don't know what your local group is telling you, but
      you shouldn't be too concerned with concocting some
      elaborate story to justify yourself as a Nihonjin. My
      persona actually hasn't quite figured out how he got
      to the Midrealm, but hey, it doesn't matter. Like
      others said, where is the sense in a roman talking to
      a Viking and an Italian? Sounds like your comrades in
      your local group need to relax.

      > People in my group are giving me some flak for
      > choosing japanese, but I
      > will not back down. I don't want any holes in my
      > persona that they can
      > shoot me down with.

      Then don't, PLEASE don't concoct some story about
      being on a boat lost at sea, or sold into slavery by
      wandering Chinese pirates, or aliens coming down and
      taking you and dropping you in Europe. Plain and
      simple, a Japanese woman in Europe would not happen.
      If they want to be sticklers, then you should be
      accurate, and it is most accurate for you NOT to
      invent some cockamamie story. You fell asleep by a
      river one day and woke up somewhere else, something
      like that--there is nothing to shoot holes in!

      Good luck with your persona, and definitely ask here
      for questions--many on the list know much more than I,
      and all of us will help however we can.

      Good Luck, ganbare!


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    • Barbara Nostrand
      Noble Cousin! Greetings from Solveig! The status of women generally eroded after the Heian period, so it gets harder and harder to be adventurous. You are,
      Message 2 of 5 , Jul 9, 2001
        Noble Cousin!

        Greetings from Solveig! The status of women generally eroded
        after the Heian period, so it gets harder and harder to be
        adventurous. You are, however, picking a good period. If you
        must come into direct contact with Europeans in Europea there
        are a several somewhat speculative approaches that could be

        1) You could come from an impoverished family who sold you
        either directly (less likely) or indirectly to the Portugese
        or Spanish who then cruely transhipped you from Japan. (This
        sort of thing actually did happen, although it is a bit more
        likely with male slaves who we do know the Portugese employed
        on their sailing vessels.)

        2) A bit more adventuresome and rather speculative would be the
        wife of one of the Japnaese adventurers who set out during
        the late sixteenth century to seek their fortunes outside of
        Japan. (One of them conquered one of the Indo-Chinese countries.)

        3) Along the lines that you are seeking, you could possibly
        accompany a trading expedition to China. (Although you would
        be better advised to be peddling silver or gold which is what
        the Chinese took in payment. You might also have reels of silk
        fibre.) There were licensed Japanese trading vessels. However,
        I do not recall any pictures of them showing female passengers.

        4) There are those who believe that there was a Japanese contingent
        in Neuvo-Espania (Mexico) during the late sixteenth century.
        Further, there was an immediately post-period Japanese expedition
        to Europe which crossed the Pacific to Mexico on a Jpaanese
        (not a European) sailing ship. (The Japanese employed
        Miura Anjin (Wm. Adams), &al to teach them European ship building
        an navigation. There were a number of mixed crews under Japanese
        command prior to the closure of Japan in the seventeenth century.

        Now. If your family happens to be christian, there were at times
        ample motivation not to return to Japan.

        BEST ADVICE. Politely tell the people criticising you to bug off
        as the Society DOES NOT require persona stories. Persona stories
        ultimately become more than a bit tiresome anyway. Unless your
        group is tightly themed, each and every one of them would
        have trouble justifiying contact with the rest of them. I know
        of no recorded instances of eleventh century normans dining
        with sixteenth century english despite the norman conquest of
        England in 1066.

        Your Humble Servant
        Solveig Throndardottir
        Amateur Scholar
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