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Re: [SCA-JML] Ko-sode questions #2003-2007 :0D

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    ... Oh, like I can t relate to this... ... Well, I dumped the idea. I ve got a book to translate and couldn t do both... Grr. ... It would depend on how
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 6, 2001
      Blkrose@... wrote:

      > Greetings Edward-sama,
      > Sorry bout the time in responding, seems like theres never enough time
      > for
      > all of lifes needs! :0)

      Oh, like I can't relate to this... <G>

      >> Summer, but one class ONLY. Granted, it's a year's worth of French
      >> in eight
      >> weeks, but... <G>
      > Gad zooks!! I am glad you are an exceptional linguist. I'd rather
      > fight off
      > the mongols with 2 wak's !! :0D

      Well, I dumped the idea. I've got a book to translate and couldn't do
      both... Grr.

      >> I just looked at the pattern. I don't know where those circles on
      >> the
      >> corner of
      >> the bottom lame came from.. I honestly don't. Holes to attach cords
      >> should
      >> be on
      >> the penultimate or ante-penultimate lame. I hope this isn't a
      >> problem...
      >> I'll fix that pattern ASAP. Sincerely sorry...
      > No problem at all. I have not drilled them. So, I will add to the next
      > to
      > last lame, though I still am unsure as to the hole number and
      > position.
      > Should I have two holes on that same angle?, one set on either side of
      > the
      > lame? ハAre there 2 ties that attach under the arm [sorta like a euro
      > spaulder?], or something else? If so what do you recommend? ハ[I know
      > this
      > question is answered in your web site, but I am in need of more
      > detail.

      It would depend on how you want to do the cord. I'd go with a pair per
      side, because that way I won't have the cord going over the edge of the
      lame; rather, the cord would be *under* it. You'd have the option to
      have a knot on one end f the cord, running the free end up through one
      hole and back out the other, then across, meeting a similar cord from
      the other side; or the option of one long cord that crosses your arm
      twice (once whole, and once tied together).

      > This question refers to the tie question above. Is the sode himo for
      > around
      > the arm brought together using a frog type clasp as on kanmuri-ita
      > himo to
      > shoulder?

      No set rule, since it isn't an official piece of sode. I don't think
      they did that. You can just tie a bow-knot, if you want, or you can make
      it look more structural with a frog. The problem with frogs, though, is
      that they rely on pressure to stay closed (unless you put the latches on
      them) as they are pulling from equal directions, and this wouldn't have
      pulling per-se. You'd want a secure line. I'd go with a knot.

      >> > 4) If I use the sewperfect white for the outer border of odoshi,
      >> will
      >> this be
      >> > un-documentable?
      >> >
      >> Not undocumentable, just unusual. What I've often done for mimiito
      >> is to use
      >> herringbone or similarly oddly striped patterned shoelace.
      > COOL !! ハハI will begin searching for some appropriate shoelace asap.

      It's the quick'n'dirty solution. <G>

      >> Powder coating would be greatly preferable. Most people just don't
      >> have
      >> access...
      > Hmmm.............. Now I need to start searching for coaters in the
      > area.

      If you find something, let me know. <G>

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