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  • lynnx@enteract.com
    ... Rubber bands work pretty good too. Use
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2001
      > or is
      > > that just a warning not to get special thread that might not resist
      > the
      > > dye?
      > This is not true. It doesn't matter if the thread takes the dye or
      > not. It's pulling the thread taut that keep the fabric underneath
      > from dyeing.
      > I use the white silk thread available from jacquardproducts.com
      > (silkconnection.com) and I rub it with some beeswax before I stitch with it. Unwaxed also works, though.
      > Someone once told me that linen thread was always used for shibori.
      > None of my shibori sources have ever proven this to be true. I have
      > always used silk thread on silk fabric and gotten good results.
      > Fujiwara no Aoi

      <looking around quick to make sure no well-dressed little
      petite heian ladies are looking. then whispering>

      Rubber bands work pretty good too. Use different
      thicknesses and watch 'em pull their topknots out trying to
      figger out howyadidTHAT...


      > I wonder now if evidence of wax still
      > exists on the extant shibori from Homonji and Shosoin...

      ...funny i don't see any saran wrap residue on my hand-done
      IttyBittySquaresCoveringTheWholeThingAlmostSolid pattern
      (floral) haori... :-P

      (heading off Very Fast for that bus that stops at the Rock
      on SCA Cooks list)
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