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Japanese picnic foods

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  • Joshua Badgley
    Getting ready for spring, I am so excited because I finally get a Japanese event to go to! Lady Elsbeth of the Barony of Eskalya (Anchorage) in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2001
      Getting ready for spring, I am so excited because I finally get a Japanese
      event to go to! Lady Elsbeth of the Barony of Eskalya (Anchorage) in the
      Principality of Oertha (Central and Western Alaska) is proposing a Flower
      Viewing festival for the 28th of April; when I heard about this at the
      Coronet last weekend, I was ecstatic, and felt I had a giri to help in any
      way I can.

      Lady Elsbeth would like for this to be a 'picnic' like event with Japanese
      picnic foods, and I am trying to figure out a) what are good, doable,
      'picnic' foods and b) which, if any, would be period. Thus, I turn to the

      Some thoughts I had on food in general: Miso soup and rice seem to be a
      great staple. However, the miso soup is not so good for carrying around
      outdoors, I would think.

      O-bentou (boxed lunches) might be one idea. My only worry here is that
      the cost of making o-bentou for everyone might be prohibitive. However,
      we could make everything that would go in an o-bentou and then have the
      people pick and choose off of a table or some such. I would prefer to
      have it arranged, though, as that seems to be just as much a part of the
      experience as the taste.

      Would tako-yaki be a new food, or was that served in the Sengoku Jidai?
      Also, what about sushi?

      Now, most people here will probably want the rolled sushi, as that is what
      they are used to. Personally, I prefer sushi as a bed of vinegar and rice
      with some topping and maybe a strip of seaweed holding it together.
      Sushi worries me, though. I'm not sure if I trust sashimi outside of a
      restaraunt and trained chefs.

      BTW, has tamago-zushi--egg sushi, with scrambled egg--been a traditional
      type of sushi since before 1600, or is it more modern? Regardless I might
      suggest it as an idea for those who don't care for sushi, so that they
      have something to eat.

      Pickeled anything seems quite popular now; was it also popular back then?
      I think O-nigiri would be good, especially with umeboshi (pickled plum).

      Now I just hope that New Sagaya has everything that we are going to need.

      Anyway, I know what I consider Japanese foods, but I don't know what, if
      any, are period. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Also, any suggestions for a 'flower viewing festival' would be appreciated
      and I'll pass them along. Currently there are contests for best Japanese
      garb, a Japanese weapons tournament (get all those pesky shields out of
      the way!), and I am going to sponsor a poetry contest as well. I'm sure
      we will be thinking of more things as the date draws nearer.

      -Ii Saburou
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