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Re: Belated Comments to Lady Fujiwara (stuck in the computer)

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  • Kass McGann
    ... Well, yeah... ... Thank you! ... Oh, Sister Ed... you ARE evil... Fujiwara
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 19, 2001
      > > I also revolt against the idea that one's "Court Garb" has to be
      > > Elizabethan to be "pretty".
      > ...as a period Japanese lady. you'd have to??

      Well, yeah...

      > Anyone seeing your garb and not being Blown Away needs Help

      Thank you!

      > Hopefully you can figure out how to do a robe with the
      > trailing part stuck on with Velcro... Make a nonvisible
      > edge that's all unevenly torn, which shows (and covers
      > the Velcro) when stepped on and (oh i'm so sorry milord
      > i didn't know you were standing there! Or I would have
      > waited til you moved off my pesky old robe here to try
      > to get to the bath...;-)
      > Imagine the reaction of some poor slug that steps on your
      > garb... and not only rips it right in two, but LOUDLY so
      > everyone looks! Of course you just scoop up the piece so
      > they don't see the velcro, smile, and say "Oh I've already
      > worn it to another event. Time to retire it anyhow"

      Oh, Sister Ed... you ARE evil...

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