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(a bit belated) Pop quiz!

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  • lynnx@enteract.com
    No fair, i didn t have time to cram for this!;- I do think (if it hasn t been done already) another useful thing would be a questionnaire: What areas do you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2001
      No fair, i didn't have time to cram for this!;->

      I do think (if it hasn't been done already) another useful
      thing would be a questionnaire:

      What areas do you know the most about/specialize in?
      (fighting, cooking, brewing, garb, tea, architecture,
      What areas would you *like* to? (see above)

      If you haven't started with it, what stopped you? (personal
      - time, new interest, disability, etc.; lack of info, lack
      of others with same interest, fear of ridicule(*)

      (*) You would not believe some of the horrid things I've
      heard of people saying to newbies at events, especially
      SCA-Garb, maybe because garb's so visible.)

      What form of learning do you like best? (formal/informal,
      solo/1-to-1/small group/large group? Books, tapes, net,
      conversation, peer-to-peer, formal classes taught by
      Official Experts...

      (Save this one for last - a treat for completing the other
      stuff. Everyone likes to complain!) ;->

      What would you like to improve in the SCA J-community?
      (We'll help!) ;->

      Just a thought.

      BTW a comment on the "test" - those terrify me so i just
      skimmed it, but seemed a bit heavy on
      names-dates-places-and-ranks type stuff.

      Nonetheless, heroic work Ii dono and i guess, if I want
      other q's, i better get the lead out and get 'em to you,
      shouldn't I? :-)

      One more idea: Include this on an existing site?
      Especially one with lots of related links info etc.: it
      would enrich a site like that immensely.


      > Here's a concept that just came to me and I'm thinking of implementing,
      > and would like comments, suggestions, etc. I was thinking it might be
      > neat to have an online 'Japanese History Test' for those who want to see
      > what they do and don't know about Japan. I was thinking that maybe there
      > should be several levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard, and that each answer
      > would give a small talk on that topic. I'm trying to figure out what
      > would be the best to use for such a project.
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