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Re: [SCA-JML] (?OT) Shoes, clues?

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  • Anthony J. Bryant
    ... I find the juxtapostion of ancient and geisha amusing. Whenever you see the word geisha, maiko, or oiran, don t bother; they re all *way*
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 29, 2000
      lynnx@... wrote:

      > Greetings everyone,
      > Here's a couple of interesting tidbits I got a while ago
      > from a Japanese "e-friend":
      > (ed. note: i think by "mail" he means male?)
      > There are some kinds of shoes with high-bottoms. One is
      > "kappore". This is a shoe for ancient Oirans or Geishas.
      > Another is "taka-geta". This is a shoe for Tengu, (only
      > mail) a kind of 'geta'.

      I find the juxtapostion of "ancient" and "geisha" amusing.

      Whenever you see the word "geisha," "maiko," or "oiran," don't bother;
      they're all *way* post-period, as are their "ancient" traditions and modes
      of dress, including their over-the-top (literally) geta.

      As for takageta, yes, they're old; and walking with them takes a lot of
      practice and work so you don't break your neck, and even then stairs are a
      real challenge. Think of normal geta. Now make the risers 8" to 10" high.
      Now take away ONE of the risers. That's right, platform geta with only ONE
      stand. That's why tengu used them; tengu were magical and could get away
      with that sort of thing. The only time you see people wearing these is when
      they're portraying tengu in festivals.

      > Anyone know where i could go clue-diving for more info?

      Not off the top of my head, not an English source, anyhoo....

      > (He's pretty busy and isn't into history all *that* much,
      > maybe like your typical Renfaire-newbie's typical renfaire
      > "wench" getup. But wow can he costume!)
      > BTW: I used to have a site bookmarked where you could get
      > zori, parts, and some other coolJstuff (modern but
      > whattheheck) All J of course. Anyone run across it? (One
      > of those "malls" on some servers (esp. J and India)

      Would it be these guys: http://www.nihon-no-saijiki.co.jp/ ?

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