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Re: [SCA-JML] Re: Others with Japanese personae in Caid?

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  • Leanne Opaskar
    ... Thanks! That s good to know. ... Will do. (: I ve looked at some of the other encampments as well -- there are lots of ideas floating around out there, but
    Message 1 of 18 , Aug 23, 2011
      > "-dono" is a good one to default to when in doubt. Technically it means "my lord," but we tend to use it for ladies and gentlemen.

      Thanks! That's good to know.

      > I'm pleased you like it. Please understand that it is and has been a work in progress, and since the Japanese didn't actually camp in tents, it's stronger on atmosphere than authenticity in a lot of ways. In other words, don't be intimidated and take it in stages.

      Will do. (: I've looked at some of the other encampments as well -- there are lots of ideas floating around out there, but it'll be a while before I get the chance to really work on that.

      > Bare minimum to get away with for a lady to wear, kosode (with false collars if you haven't gotten more layers done yet), narrow obi, a folding fan, some sort of zori. If the fan isn't perfect or you can't find a pair of nice looking Japanese zori right away, go for something simple and unobtrusive.

      *nodsnods* I'm finishing up a cotton under-kosode now, just need to hand-sew the collar and finish the hem. Next time I will look for slightly heavier fabric; it seems pretty thin. I have linen that I've dyed a pine green for an over-kosode, but I haven't cut it yet.

      I suspect I may have done the under-kosode sleeves slightly wrong; I did them fully attached so that I wouldn't feel self-conscious about possibly showing what was underneath. I was planning on doing the swinging sleeves for the over-kosode, but now I'm not sure if that will all work right. Hmm. (After all that, I'll hopefully be ready to tackle my husband's hakama!)

      I'll need to hunt up zori of some sort. I used to have a pair of geta, then got rid of them because I wasn't wearing them, a couple of years ago. *facepalm* I do have a fan, but it's a Chinese one with clear plastic guard bones. The rest of the bones are wood and it's a pretty painted fabric. It's OK for a first event, I think? but I'll definitely want to replace it.

      > Feast ware: chopsticks, a small knife (the Japanese didn't use them at table but you may have to if eating with "barbarians", a few small bowls and a cloth to wrap them in/double as a napkin.

      I think I have all of that except a period-looking knife (and spoon?). I have several sets of wooden chopsticks and a small Japanese tea set in a pretty peach color. My bowls are the inexpensive ceramic white-and-blue glazed rice bowls in different patterns ... I don't think they're period-looking (at least not for mid-Kamakura), but there's a Mitsuwa and a Marukai Value nearby and I could see if they've got something more rustic.

      > Not sure what the shopping options are in your area, but IIRC, there's a Mitsuwa Marketplace in or near San Diego that might yield some eating utensils at the very least.

      We are spoiled here in San Diego. There's the Mitsuwa, a Nijiya, and a Marukai Market, Marukai Living, and Marukai Value. They sell tatami mats at the Marukai Living. I did *not* go home with one. I was tempted. Soooo tempted.

      > Are you likely to make it to Great Western War? I generally come down for that.

      Hmm. Right now, I don't know. I'd like to, but I'm really slammed with real-life stuff -- the SCA stuff is something I'm doing at the pace of an aging snail, unfortunately. {: I will let you know if it turns out that I can make it. ^_^

      Thanks again!
    • Leanne Opaskar
      Hi Iskender! ... Ah, OK. It s possible that he may have been recalling that time; he told me he d been in the SCA for about as long as I ve been on hiatus
      Message 2 of 18 , Aug 23, 2011
        Hi Iskender!

        > First off, welcome to this list - here you will find a wonderfully
        > supportive and helpful group of folks. Make sure to ask questions, because
        > this crowd is amazingly helpful, and many of them have already walked the
        > more difficult parts of the research path - and can help point you in the
        > right direction.

        Thank you! Yes, everyone here has been so helpful to me already. And I certainly will ask questions. I hope to not ask so many that people get tired of my ignorance. (:

        > In Caid, MANY, MANY years ago
        > there were a very small number of poorly done, cartoony 'japanese-ish'
        > personas (as there were also an equal number of bad celts, 'gypsies', and
        > 'middling-eastern' personas).

        Ah, OK. It's possible that he may have been recalling that time; he told me he'd been in the SCA for about as long as I've been on hiatus (about fifteen years).

        > If you are going to do a non-standard, non-European persona, my feeling is
        > that you should try to put forward the VERY best effort you can - since
        > there will always be nay-sayers, and being beyond reproach means that they
        > will have little or no traction for their griping, and you may be able to
        > inspire someone else to take that further step...

        Absolutely -- both for the reasons you state, and also because I am a research/roleplay geek and enjoy doing it. ^_^

        > Small steps are good. None of us got to be 'good' overnight. 'Doing it well'
        > doesn't necessarily mean spending a lot on fabric and a gazillion outfits -
        > having a few really good outfits is (in my opinion) far better than a closet
        > full of so-so ones.

        I agree. Right now, I'm just looking to get the basics together so that I have something to wear, and something to practice on before I go get really nice silk and accidentally destroy it. (; The real thing that brings it all together, I find, is attention to detail, which is why I'm trying to look carefully at where and when my persona is from, and I'll probably spend time on doing some little detail bits as I get the time.

        > If I, or Mistress Cristobal can be of any help (and Cristobal is the queen
        > of finding persona-appropriate textiles at far below retail prices...)
        > please feel free to let me know.
        > Katayama Hiromoto is also someone whose brain I would certainly suggest you
        > pick, as is Saionji, who sadly, lives among the ifranji (she would be too
        > polite to call them barbarians) of the West, but is quite reachable through
        > this list and by email.
        > Welcome to the madness!

        Thank you so much. I really appreciate the help, and I'll be sure to ask questions as I go.

      • Leanne Opaskar
        Hi Fujioka-dono, Thanks. I ll do my best! Japanese bookbinding, you say? That sounds interesting! Now I am curious. Might you have a website on the subject? I
        Message 3 of 18 , Aug 23, 2011
          Hi Fujioka-dono,

          Thanks. I'll do my best!

          Japanese bookbinding, you say? That sounds interesting! Now I am curious. Might you have a website on the subject?

          I am going to end up with soooo many new hobbies. I've been reading the tea saijiki that Solveig-dono recommended somewhere (I don't know where; I've been trawling the list and Tousando, but haven't signed up there yet) It is so very super-cool that I really do want to learn how to do a proper tea ceremony, too.

          Way too many cool things to learn and do! (:


          On Aug 23, 2011, at 4:37 PM, luiseach wrote:

          > I'm Fujioka Tora in Dreiburgen.
          > I agree with what Saionji-hime said; do your homework, participate, share and the people whose opinions are worth paying attention to will take you seriously. I've been playing SCA and doing Japanese bookbinding and silk braiding for several years, but I'd always kept them separate. A couple of years ago I decided to combine my interests so I started researching a name which finally passed and developing a second persona.
          > I haven't had any problems but I know I'm not fringie and I refuse to let people push me into that corner.
          > Fujioka Tora
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