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Re: [SCA-JML] RE: Gleann Abhann Crown List Results

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  • Ellen Badgley
    ... Very interesting question! I don t know of anyone who has done this, but I ve given some thought to the idea not of using an alternate name when on the
    Message 1 of 4 , May 16, 2011
      > I agree with Ii-dono, Congratulations to them!
      > This does bring up a question I have had on my mind recently: How can, or
      > should, imperial naming practices be applied to the SCA?
      > I have only done limited research on imperial names, but as is stated in
      > many places, emperors would use a different name on the throne than they
      > used prior to this, and when they retired they would be referred to by yet
      > a third name (when referencing their time on the throne). Does anyone know
      > of any good sources for research (in English) that talk about this
      > practice?
      > Also, how do people feel this would be taken in the context of the SCA
      > regarding a "registered" name that is different from what is used on the
      > throne. I know in my kingdom, the Outlands, we have had several kings that
      > have gone by slightly different names while on the throne, specifically
      > there was Darius of Jaxartes who went by Jaxarticus on the throne. Any
      > opinions on how the SCA would deal with someone sitting the throne using a
      > completely different name?
      > Furukusu Masahide
      Very interesting question!

      I don't know of anyone who has done this, but I've given some thought to the
      idea not of using an alternate name when on the throne, but of choosing a
      name for the period of the reign. Ii-dono and I considered this when we
      stepped up as Palatine Baroness and Baron of the Far West, but I honestly
      can't remember if we actually picked anything. :) It wouldn't have been
      official, in any event, but it lends an appropriate flavor.

      - Abe Akirakeiko

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