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Re: Japanese Costume and Textile Arts Book

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  • LJonthebay
    Chapters include The Kimono and Its Setting, Rise of the Kosode, Noh Costume, The Passage of Time and Changing Tastes (which discusses stylistic
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 23, 2010
      Chapters include "The Kimono and Its Setting," "Rise of the Kosode," "Noh Costume," "The Passage of Time" and "Changing Tastes" (which discusses stylistic characteristics and developments in textile embellishment from before 1600 into the Edo period) and a final section devoted to techniques and motifs found in Japanese textiles.

      As mentioned previously, I really like this volume from the Heibonsha series. Because it shows examples of textile designs and decorative techniques from before AND after SCA-period, I feel it's very useful for getting an idea of what is and isn't period for the SCA.

      If anyone cares, I have a bibliography of some of my library at: http://wodefordhall.com/biiblio.htm

      It includes brief comments on certain volumes. If you see something you want to know more about, feel free to ask.

      Saionji no Hanae
      West Kingdom
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