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  • Elaine Koogler
    Would you mind if I passed this on to a couple of lists that I know would enjoy this information? Thanks! Kiri ... -- /It is only with the heart /that one can
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      Would you mind if I passed this on to a couple of lists that I know
      would enjoy this information?



      James Eckman wrote:
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      > Dear all,
      > I have now placed this book on the Web for free download:
      > John Becker, with the collaboration of Donald B. Wagner
      > Pattern and Loom:
      > A Practical Study of the Development of Weaving
      > Techniques in China, Western Asia, and Europe
      > Second edition, 2009, 400 pp. (1st ed. 1986)
      > http://staff.hum.ku.dk/dbwagner/Pattern-and-Loom.html
      > <http://staff.hum.ku.dk/dbwagner/Pattern-and-Loom.html>
      > John Becker (1915-1986) was the youngest of the
      > old guard in Scandinavian hand-weaving, and one
      > of the last to know the traditional techniques
      > from daily production. He was also an artist, had
      > the beginning of an academic education, and was
      > careful to draw on other experts as necessary, so
      > that his book is unique: based on his own very
      > extensive experience as a weaver, on personal
      > examination of numerous artefacts, and on written
      > sources in Scandinavian languages, English,
      > French, German, Spanish, Flemish, Chinese and
      > Japanese. In his practical research he wove
      > replicas of ancient samples, and learned from
      > this a great deal about the ancient techniques.
      > John Becker died in July 1986 at the age of 71,
      > while the first edition of this book was in
      > press. After the publication of an edition of a
      > few hundred, the clichés from which it was
      > printed were destroyed; reprints have therefore
      > not been possible. When his widow Kirsten Becker
      > died in 2003 I inherited the copyright to the
      > book, and the original publishers have kindly
      > relinquished their rights, so a new edition is
      > now possible. In this new edition I have done the
      > typesetting and layout myself, and I hope that
      > readers will find that the sizing and cropping of
      > the illustrations, and their placement in
      > relation to the text, are now more satisfactory
      > than in the original edition.
      > Publication of a 400-page book in this on-line
      > form is obviously not ideal - I am negotiating
      > with a Danish publisher for a printed edition.
      > Regards
      > Don Wagner
      > --
      > ----------------------------------------------------------
      > dr.phil. Donald B. Wagner
      > Jernbanegade 9B
      > DK-3600 Frederikssund
      > Denmark
      > Tel. +45-3331 2581
      > http://staff.hum.ku.dk/dbwagner <http://staff.hum.ku.dk/dbwagner>
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      "/It is only with the heart /that one can see clearly; what is essential
      is invisible to the eye."
      --Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, /The Little Prince/

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