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RE: [SCA-JML] Just say no ;)

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  • Chibasama Ryuichiro
    No laughter here, I play my Japanese persona without limits or euro-centricism in Amtgard as well. I even tried to bring a little authenticity to the game
    Message 1 of 6 , May 26, 2009
      No laughter here, I play my Japanese persona without limits or
      euro-centricism in Amtgard as well. I even tried to bring a little
      'authenticity' to the game with the Book of Enogoku. We're doing well in
      this game, having the freedom to express ourselves however we wish.

      I appreciate the level of detail and historical accuracy inherent in the
      SCA, and feel there's plenty of room for it in Amtgard, even if it's not
      mandated...which is why I'm here, to learn 8)

      Where do you play out of? Here in the Rising Winds, we've got a number of
      Asian personae of varying levels of detail, both historical and fantastic.
      Clan Hojo has a strong membership across many states 8)

      Live, Love, Learn!

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      I've lurked for a long while, and sometimes wonder if we should just form
      our own SCAish Samurai and such group. Most SCA groups want only to do
      western and some eastern european persona's. They shy away from Mongol,
      chinese, and Japanese persona's like their the plauge. Down here in Texas
      there are very few of us from last i heard.(maby 6 or so)

      Now, don't get me wrong though because it has been a few years since i went
      out to an event much less participated with the Sca, though in my heart i
      still really enjoy it. Though i've been playing round with vyking
      persona's for a few years now or Landsknect i still miss the fun of

      my only other outlet for japanese is in Amtgard(ya'll don't laugh now, Hell
      i can finally be called Samurai in that society since i won my knights belt
      for the order of the serpent, though we would call it order of the laurel in
      the SCA i believe).

      I've always called my self Hirotaka no Tatsukami,, a fanciful name at best
      the last part being effectivly of the spirit dragon but hey, i have to have
      my fun somewhere...

      So why do we not expand our SCA roots into a more japanese society like a
      splinter group. I'd LOVE to see an all japanese event in Texas.

      in lurking regards,,,,
      Hiro,,, aka, Dughan af Keiferson

      > To: sca-jml@yahoogroups.com
      > From: ronin_engineer@...
      > Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 10:50:18 -0700
      > Subject: [SCA-JML] Just say no ;)
      > > 2. Names Claiming Powers. - Names containing elements that allude
      > > to powers that the submitter does not possess are considered
      > > presumptuous.
      > >
      > So if you possess these powers its OK? What if a member has nuclear
      > weapons? Can they call themselves Shiva?
      > > Society names may not claim divine descent, superhuman abilities,
      > > or other powers that the submitter does not actually possess.
      > So no gods or superhumans in the SCA, I guess they aren't a protected
      > minority ;)
      > Too much coffee....
      > Jim
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