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RE: [SCA-JML] Short Weapon, Short Notice, Shield Shame

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  • Michael Peters
    Kansuke, As guests in these odd Western courts, there is no dishonor in using the weapons of our hosts (strange and unfamiliar as they may be). If you are
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2008

      As guests in these odd Western courts, there is no dishonor in using the weapons of our hosts (strange and unfamiliar as they may be).

      If you are better with spear than shield does it not behoove your lord to use you in the most efficient manner? When one is in service, following the orders (whims?) of one's lord is part of the duty we bear.(The fact that many knights prefer spear at war so that *they* may brag on the massive number of kills they achieve is irrelevant). Giri.

      To: sca-jml@yahoogroups.comFrom: spearweasel@...: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 01:11:33 +0000Subject: [SCA-JML] Short Weapon, Short Notice, Shield Shame

      I will be attending the Battle of Three Kings, in central Ansteorrathis weekend. I just added a maedate made of multiple layers of saddleleather and gold paint to my kabuto, to spiff it up - the simple sortthat some sources indicate is based on a beetle of some sort. A bitlike this one, but not so big, and altered to take a beating with moregrace:http://www.shogunmartialarts.com.au/images/helm%201.jpgAnyway, the downside is that I may be asked to take my place in thefighting company shield wall, using my personal Ansteorran War Door -made under duress, but mine all the same. Oh abomination, ohunspeakable shame. If my lord commands it, I will use the shield. I ama spearman by trade, no surprise there. I have two questions for you,and time is short:1) Is there something I can put on the shield? I want some kanji orseries of Kanji, that would convey the sense of "yes, I know, I am asamurai using a door shield, but they made me use it so I am usingit". Preferably in fewer words than that. A sutra, or a poem, or oneof those lovely little four-kanji slogans the Japanese love so much?If you can point me to an image of it, I'd be pleased as punch. Itdoes not need to be period. 2) I have a 31" long piece of rattan with no particular weapon inmind. I have rattan analogues of yari (7' and 9'), tetsubo, tanto,katana (1H), and tachi(2H) already. Is there something odd but stillperiod that I could make out of the rattan piece, some uncommonJapanese weapon I could use with a shield? An axe... what is that, anOno, or masakari? I see that Nissan Maxima carries a billy-clublooking thing as a sidearm on occasion. What is that called? I'm justfishing for something fun here. Thanks, Kamaitachi no Kansukeaka "Spearweasel"Bryn Gwlad War Company__._,_.

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