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  • James Eckman
    ... Congratulations! ... Hey, art is art, medium is less important. Though I expect the quilt can be used! ... Actually an aluminum alloy, don t know if it
    Message 1 of 11 , Apr 16, 2008
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      > OT - St. Jude Quilt of Dreams Winner
      > Posted by: "Maddalena Alessandra"
      > I found out this week that I actually won the category
      > of 'Hancock employee-most original'.


      > Insert wise cracks here ;P

      Hey, art is art, medium is less important. Though I expect the quilt can
      be used!

      > Re: Katana Cut And Thrust?
      > Posted by: "kegage"
      > I have done some on-line research and many iaito
      > blades are made duralumin, a from a zinc-tin-lead alloy, or some
      > similar make-up which I am not sure would be allowed anyway.

      Actually an aluminum alloy, don't know if it makes a difference.
      Certainly much lighter....
      > Here are a couple of links for steel iaito katanas
      > I found. They are from about $230+ up:
      > http://www.bushiblades.com/
      Cool link, this would be interesting to visit.... When I was in
      Indonesia many years ago I went to a village that still had traditional

      > http://www.thesteelsource.com/html/hanweiiaito.htm
      Probably not a manufacturer....

      > Re: Katana Cut And Thrust?
      > Posted by: "Jamie Ritter"
      > It was being used in fencing.

      Happens with regular fencing blades as well.... your armor and other
      requirements are good ideas to say the least.

      Stolen from web...
      Raoul Clery, Maitre d'Armes
      translated by Mary Anne Stevens

      This article, written by one of France's leading Fencing Masters, first
      appeared in the Feb-March 1983 issue of Escrime magazine and was later
      published in American Fencing magazine with whose gracious permission we
      re-print it here.

      Everyone still remembers how the Soviet champion Vladimir Smirnov met
      his death last July [1982], during the world championships in Rome....

      Ouch! These are pros.

      Jim Eckman
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