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Pennsic 37 Classes

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  • Solveig Throndardottir
    Noble Cousins! Greetings from Solveig! T is the time for Pennsic Planning! Here is my proposed class list for Pennsic this Summer: DEMONSTRATIONS
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2008
      Noble Cousins!

      Greetings from Solveig! T'is the time for Pennsic Planning! Here is my
      proposed class list for Pennsic this Summer:

      Muhekian - The Taste of Tea (Offered Once)
      Enjoy the taste of tea under the night sky. Please wear Japanese or
      loose-fitting clothing with white socks or tabi and bring a fan if you
      have one. Please do not wear any jewelry or weapons in the tea room.
      Materials $5.00

      Kodo Nyumon - The Sound of Incense (Offered Twice)
      Experience the dalliance of Heian courtiers. Enjoy "listening" to the
      scent of aromatic wood. An introduction to the art and appreciation of
      incense. Incense appreciation is deeply rooted in Heian court culture
      and is associated with Genji Monogatari. The ceremony will be followed
      by a poetry party. Materials $2.00

      Sumo - A Gentle Art (Offered Once)
      Sumo is an ancient and surprisingly gentle martial art first described
      in the Nihongi. An introduction to Sumo history, ritual, construction of
      Sumo equipment, training methods, and rules adopted by the
      Japanese schoolboy Sumo Association. Includes a sumo
      demonstration including popular winning techniques. Handout $1.00

      Leaves of Laughter - Comic Theatre Workshop (Offered Once)
      A participatory workshop introducing several pre-modern theatric forms
      and emphasizing late-medieval improvisational Japanese comic theatre.
      Participants will be introduced to stock characters, theatrical
      devices, and
      comic theory. We will read several play synopsis and script a short play
      for performance later in the week. Handout $1.00

      Minbu - Japanese Festival Dance (Offered Twice)
      A practical introduction to basic Japanese dance movement and a number
      of festival dances. Participants are encouraged to come to both
      We will participate in the Yama Kaminari festival later in the week.
      Handout $1.00

      Samurai Chef - The Imperial Table (Offered Twice)
      An introduction to the cuisine, etiquette, dietary theory, and food
      techniques of ancient China and Japan. We will particularly focus on
      of the Six Dynasties period and the influence of this period through
      the T'ang
      dynasty on Japanese culinary culture.

      Samurai Poet - Poetry of Court and Field (Offered Twice)
      Experience the dalliance of Japanese aristocrats. A workshop in Japanese
      poetic form and aesthetics. Includes Japanese poetry from the early
      period through the development of Haikai. Experiment with metre,
      "pillow words",
      "seasonal words", poetic ellipsis, and classical allusion. Handout $1.00

      Life in the Pleasure Quarter -- Sex and Dalliance (Offered Once)
      Sex, sexuality, and leisure in pre-modern Japan. The social
      construction of sexuality
      in pre-modern Japan. We will also examine kinship, leadershp, and
      inheretance as
      well as the social construction and expression of sexuality. Special
      will placed on the portrayal of sex and gender in the arts and the
      evolution of

      Dawn of the Samurai - The Life of Taira Masakado (Offered Once)
      An introduction to the origins, values, and culture of the
      professional military
      elite of Japan. The life of Taira Masakado provides the focus for an
      to the samurai, their role in 10th-century society, and the world
      outside the capital.

      Your Humble Servant
      Solveig Throndardottir
      Amateur Scholar

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