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Fwd: Cherry Blossom Viewing, Anchorage, AK 4/21/07

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  • wodeford
    Crossposted from SCA-West. Saionji no Hanae ... Good Gentles, Herein follows the event copy for Cherry Blossom Viewing O-Hanami Festival April 21, 2007
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2007
      Crossposted from SCA-West.

      Saionji no Hanae
      --- In sca-west@yahoogroups.com, "JackI/Erica" <edenwild@...> wrote:
      Good Gentles,

      Herein follows the event copy for Cherry Blossom Viewing

      O-Hanami Festival

      April 21, 2007 Location: Jewel Lake Parrish 3833
      Strawberry, Anchorage, Alaska

      The arrival of cherry blossoms signals the end of chilly winter and
      the most anticipated season change. We find our imaginations still
      intact and undampened. Warriors of the Kamakura Period (late 12th -
      14th c.) always considered cherry blossoms the symbol of a life lived
      fully, no matter how short. So do we at this time of rejoicing and
      reflection, gather with family and friends to appreciate the passing
      and coming of seasons. Spread your blanket picnic style and share in
      revelry, food, fighting (both heavy and rapier), singing, dancing and
      do as much as we can outdoors.

      Competitions include; the traditional Heavy Japanese weapons tourney,
      a rapier prize tourney

      Poetry - Haiku or any other form of Oriental - theme is Renewal

      The traditional Oriental Garb contest - male and female, extra points
      for documentation

      Oriental dish, extra points for documentation

      Other activities to include kite making for kids and origami and what
      else we can fit into the day. Also THL Bianca has graciously consented
      to teach another of her Oriental bookbinding classes.

      Feast is potluck with a meat being furnished. Please bring a dish for
      8 or more according to the first letter of your modern last name. A
      through F: Desserts. G-through l: Sides M through R: Pasta/Rice.
      S through Z: Breads/spreads and cheese.

      PLEASE NOTE: This is a DRY site.
      Site opens: 11 am and Closes: 9 pm.
      Site fee: Adults: $5; Children 12 to 4; $2 and children 3 and
      under free.
      For further information please contact the autocrat: Elspeth
      Bouchannane (mka: Jacki Frederick) Phone: 907-337-0389; E-mail:
      edenwildA acsalaskaDOTnet

      Mailing address: 331 Melody Place, Apt ^ Anchorage, Alaska 99504

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