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(#$%^&* machine Bites Again...) Japanese textilestuff...

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  • lynnx@enteract.com
    ... correction: 17-18 , in period! And given your size you d probly look like you borrowed your little brother s kosode. ;- ... Nice! and here s one more
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2000
      > This I know goes against the 14" wide weaving loom
      > rule I have heard of, on that account I opted for convenience.
      correction: 17-18", in period! And given your size you'd
      probly look like you borrowed your little brother's kosode.

      > Here are some sites I have found on traditional Japanese clothing.

      Nice! and here's one more


      if you don't have a silk mill you can at least use the
      descriptions:-) for a guide for getting the Least-Worst over
      here! (Warning, may be a little OOP - but it beats the ****
      outta poly and that cotton and rayon "Japanese print" -
      geisha, bamboo/kanji, etc. - they use for quilting and
      making your own Tourist Trap "Kimona (><) Bathrobe!)
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