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Re: First names? (newbie)

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  • wodeford
    ... I think (and I will happily defer to our onomasticists) that it would be either Tatsuko or O-tatsu, but not both. ... I hear that. Try the Warring States
    Message 1 of 14 , Aug 13, 2006
      --- In sca-jml@yahoogroups.com, "mistresschief" <mistresschief@...> wrote:
      > I did a bit more research, so humbly asking if the name Katou O -
      > Tatsuko would be better?

      I think (and I will happily defer to our onomasticists) that it would
      be either Tatsuko or O-tatsu, but not both.

      > I think in regards to the hat I'm going to have to bite the bullet
      > and order the biggest gasa hat I can find from Japan; I really like
      > the ichime gasa but it would have to be at 10 cm wider to be wider
      > than my shoulders!

      I hear that. Try the "Warring States" page here:

      > Another question I have is about footwear. I have a very nice pair of
      > lacquered geta; according to a kimono book I have geta are more casual
      > and zori (the flat ones) are more formal. Is this true in the medieval
      > time period as well, or just now?

      A caveat about modern kimono references - they're modern. ;-> If you
      want to know what people wear in period, look at artwork or if you're
      lucky surviving examples from the period you're researching.

      Geta are foul weather gear, specifically designed for walking in mud,
      hence the ha (stilts). They would also be worn to and from the baths.
      The bath-house connection is why they're matched with yukata (cotton
      bathrobes) for casual wear in the modern context, usually for summer

      Period zori look nothing like the vinyl wedgie things sold these days
      for women as dress shoes. They would have been made of rice straw and
      look like this:

      You can sometimes find them as billed as waraji zori. A reasonable
      alternative are setta or tatami zori.

      As for sizing, they should be what you'd think is too small for you.
      If your heel dangles off the back by a couple of cm, that's about
      right. More than that will be uncomfortable, less may have you getting
      your hems caught in your zori (or geta).

      Saionji no Hanae
      West Kingdom
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